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BASF’s New Rain-mark Resistant Dispersion to Improve Exterior Coatings

Published on 2020-01-06. Author : SpecialChem

TAGS:  Architectural Coatings    

BASF has developed an innovative EC-Lock technology for the newly launched Acronal® PLUS 7018 dispersion to address the high demand for cleaner exterior coatings in Asia Pacific. It minimizes rain mark formation while improving color retention.

BASF_Rain-Mark-Resistance_SolutionsBASF’s innovations facilitate the use of vibrant dark colors on residential and commercial buildings without worrying about rain marks.

Dispersion Developed with the EC-Lock Technology

The EC-Lock Technology from BASF improves the early film resistance by crosslinking and minimizing water penetration to prevent snail trail formation.

The formation of rain streaks is mainly caused by the migration of excipients, which is one of the components of paints. When using conventional coatings, rain and water will dissolve the excipients and carry them to the surface of the coatings, which then causes rain marks.

Outstanding Color Retention and Water Impermeability

For advanced “near-zero” rain mark performance, BASF also offers a solution pack with Acronal® PLUS 7018 and the dispersing agent Dispex® CX 4231, marketed as EC-Lock+ technology. To achieve “near-zero” rain mark performance, BASF’s EC-Lock+ Technology interlocks excipients to stop them from migrating to the surface. Its pronounced hydrophobic character reduces water uptake to avoid excipients shifting to the surface. As a result, rain marks will be minimal, and the color of the coatings remains vibrant and fresh for a longer period.

Acronal® PLUS 7018 will be produced across the region, including Shanghai, China, Mangalore and Dahej, India, Cengkareng in Indonesia, and Pasir Gudang in Malaysia.

Source: BASF
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