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BASF Low-Energy House Provides Eco-Efficient Roof Solution With New Coil Coating from BASF Coatings

Published on 2008-02-14. Author : SpecialChem

Nottingham/Ludwigshafen/Münster -- The "BASF House", a BASF low-energy construction project, was officially opened in the English city of Nottingham at the end of January. A new branded product Colorcoat Urban™ from Corus Colors was developed for the eco-efficient roof solution of the BASF House. A new coil coating was used from the successful PLASTICERAM® family made by BASF Coatings. The new PLASTICERAM® coatingcontains a re-enhanced plastisol for coil coating applications as well as special heat-reflective BASF pigments.

Eco-efficient products made by BASF from the basement to the roof: The BASF House in Nottingham.

"For the Colorcoat Urban™ required by our customer Corus we generated a brand new coil coating product," says Phil Green, BASF Coatings Sales Manager at Coil Coatings UK. "When we were developing the new product we particularly aimed for further optimization with regard to UV stability and protection against corrosion," Mr. Green adds.

The benefits to homeowners, loft inhabitants, and the environment:

Instead of absorbing solar heat like conventional roofs, the roof of the BASF House reflects solar radiation so it absorbs less heat. That ensures comfortable temperatures in the loft - without even using air conditioning systems. It not only reduces the energy consumption of the house but also prolongs the life of the roof, which is thus subjected to less extreme high temperatures.

"The BASF House in UK is just the beginning - we intend to promote the topic of roof applications and energy efficiency in more projects and are looking forward to this with excitement," says Anne Heimes-Scheller, BASF Coatings Product Manager at Precoatings. "This project has demonstrated what can be achieved when the strengths of our customers are combined not just with our own but also from within the wider BASF family. For me this is a model for future activities," adds Dr. Nick Brown, Sales Director Europe II.

For the Colorcoat Urban™ roof solutions BASF Coatings worked out, together with Corus, a wide range of different colors that open up new opportunities for the design and aesthetics of construction projects. For the roof of the BASF House in Nottingham a terracotta color was selected in order to make it blend in with the immediate residential area.

The BASF House, which was built within the scope of the University of Nottingham "Creative Energy Homes" project, uses innovative construction materials from many different BASF divisions, which have joined forces - to the benefit of their customers in the construction industry - in the form of the BASF Construction Network Team (CNT). With BASF materials buildings can be provided with better insulation, protection, lining, weatherproofing, and coating. From the basement to the roof, indoors and outdoors, BASF products can be found in all types of structures, where, in particular, they also make a visible or invisible contribution toward saving energy.

Source: BASF

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