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Aremco's Al Rich Corr-Paintâ„¢ CP2010 Urethane Coating Offers High Temp Corrosion Resistance

Published on 2013-10-16. Author : SpecialChem

Corr-Paint™ CP2010, a new aluminum rich, high performance coating developed by Aremco Products, Inc., is now used to provide high temperature corrosion resistance on copper and steel components and structures exposed to oxidation and corrosive atmospheres to 400°F (204°C).

Aremco's Corr-Paint™ CP2010 is a single part, aluminum rich, low viscosity urethane coating that dries and cures at room temperature to a hard, non-porous, abrasion resistant surface. CP2010 is resistant to a wide range of acids, bases, fuels and solvents, and has also survived long-term salt fog, salt spray and humidity testing of over 1000 hours.

Corr-Paint™ CP2010 is supplied with a viscosity of 300-600 cP, specific gravity of 1.08 g/cc, and solids by volume of 66.0%, and solids by weight of 70.0%. It is typically applied in a 4.0 mil wet film thickness that dries to approximately 2.0 mils. The theoretical coverage rate in a 1.0 mil dry film is 1058 ft2/gal.

Corr-Paint™ CP2010 can be used in combination with Aremco's Corr-Prep™ CPR2000, a solution that is used to prepare extremely smooth surfaces for coating. CP2010 can also be applied directly to severely rusted surfaces found in many maintenance and repair applications. Application methods include brush, roller or conventional pneumatic spray equipment.

Typical applications include the coating of OEM components such as motor housings, bag houses, cyclones, hoppers, pipelines and precipitators, to the coating of large structures found in MRO applications throughout the power, pulp and paper, and chemical processing industries.

About Aremco

Aremco's advanced material division is one of the leaders in the development and production of technical ceramics, adhesives, coatings, sealants and potting compounds for applications to 3200°F. These materials are used throughout industry in the design of sensors, electrical components and analytical instruments. Industries served include automotive, aerospace, chemical processing, metallurgical, power generation and semiconductor. Aremco manufactures a series of high reliability equipment for the electronics, ceramics and metallurgical industries including dicing saws for ceramics and semiconductors, screen printers for thick-film microelectronics, liquid crystal displays, brazing, and photovoltaics,furnaces for heat treating, assaying and powder metallurgy.

Source: Aremco

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