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Aremco Introduces Pyro-Paint™ 634-ZO, a Water-based Coating System

Published on 2015-11-05. Author : SpecialChem

Pyro-Painttm 634-ZO, a new high temperature, zirconium oxide refractory coating developed by Aremco Products, Inc., is now used to insulate induction heating coils and extend the life of ceramic, graphite and metal crucibles and molds use in foundry applications to 3270 ºF (1800 ºC).

Fig. 1: Aremco

Pyro-Paint™ 634-ZO is a high purity, zirconium oxide filled, water-based, chemically resistant coating system used to insulate induction heating coils and extend the life of ceramic, graphite and metal crucibles and molds used in the handling of molten metals in applications to 3270 ºF (1800 ºC). Pyro-Paint™ 634-ZO exhibits excellent adhesion to ceramics, graphite and metals and is resistant to wetting by a wide range of metals including steels, acidic slag, Al, Pt, Rh, Zr, Nb, Mo, W, U, Ti, Pd and Ru. Pyro-Paint™ 634-ZO provides excellent durability and erosion resistance.

Pyro-Paint™ 634-ZO is formulated with a solids content of 65.0% by weight and 35.5% by volume to a viscosity range is 1,000 to 2,000 cP. It is applied typically by brush, roller or conventional spray equipment. Dry films up to 5–10 mils can be produced without cracking. Cured films are greater than 95% pure zirconium oxide.

Pyro-Paint™ 634-ZO is a simple to use, environmentally friendly, water-based formulation containing no volatile organic compounds. It dries at room temperature in several hours and cures fully within 2 hours at 200 ºF.

Pyro-Paint™ 634-ZO is part of a line of refractory coatings based on ceramic fillers including aluminium oxide, alumino-silicate, boron nitride, carbon, graphite, and yttrium oxide.

About Aremco

Aremco is one of the leaders in the development and production of technical ceramics, adhesives, coatings, sealants and potting compounds for applications to 3200 ºF. These materials are used throughout industry in the design of sensors, electrical components and analytical instruments. Industries served include automotive, aerospace, chemical processing, metallurgical, power generation and semiconductor.

Source: Aremco

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