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Allnex Launches ADDITOL®XL 6557, a Pigment Grinding Medium for Industrial Coatings

Published on 2013-10-30. Author : SpecialChem

BRUSSELS -- With ADDITOL® XL 6557, a polymeric, multifunctional universal grinding medium from Allnex, it is possible to formulate cost-effective, weather-resistant, high-concentration solvent-based pigment pastes that enable formulation of a wide range of high-performing, solventborne industrial coatings.

Industrial coatings today require increasingly sophisticated color performance and color matching. Traditional grinding resins used for the production of pigment pastes have not kept pace with advances in binder and formulation technology, however, and there is a strong need for new pigment paste technology.

ADDITOL® XL 6557 is a universal solution to these issues. This polymeric grinding medium is designed to efficiently disperse, stabilize and transport organic and inorganic pigments in non-aqueous industrial paints and coatings, such as coil coatings, marine and heavy duty anti-corrosive paints, agriculture, industrial wood, and other metal coatings.

Importantly, ADDITOL® XL 6557 is compatible with a wide range of resin types, including acrylics, epoxy esters, urea’s, amino resins and nitrocellulose, as well as with many alkyd and polyesters. It is also soluble in large variety of solvents, with optimum dilution achieved in aromatic solvents, ketones, esters, and ethers.

In addition, the functional modification of the polymer backbone leads to a strong affinity of ADDITOL® XL 6557 with pigments, enabling the preparation of high concentration colorants with a broader color palette. Its resin-like structure also enhances the overall performance of paint formulations in terms of adhesion to metal substrates, high hardness, yellowing and weathering resistance, high gloss, good drying properties, good mechanical properties, and high water and corrosion resistance.

Furthermore, with its multifunctional drying and crosslinking capability, ADDITOL® XL 6557 can be used for co-crosslinking of pigment pastes into 2K polyurethane resins or amino crosslinking baking systems or with air-drying alkyds.

"We are pleased to launch this new universal grinding medium designed for the cost-efficient production of highly loaded pigment pastes," says Philippe De Micheli, Global Marketing Director Liquid Resins & Additives with Allnex. "We believe that ADDITOL® XL 6557 meets a real need in the marketplace for a pigment paste technology that enables industrial paint manufacturers to develop economic, high performing, tint systems that will color the major solvent borne binder resin systems used in the industrial and protective paint segment," he adds.

About Allnex

With $1.5 billion in sales, Allnex is one of the leading suppliers of resins and additives for architectural, industrial, protective, automotive and special purpose coatings and inks. They are recognized as a specialty chemicals pioneer and for offering the broadest portfolio of high quality products. Their product range entails innovative liquid resins & additives, radiation cured and powder coating resins & additives and crosslinkers for use on wood, metal, plastic, and other surfaces. With 16 manufacturing and 13 research & technology support facilities throughout the world, they provide responsive, local support to their customers, helping them to rapidly bring advanced coating solutions to the market.

Source: Allnex

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