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ADLER Unveils ADLER VariColor, a Water-based Environment-friendly Coating System

Published on 2013-05-22. Author : SpecialChem

ADLER has introduced a new solution: the new all-rounder, ADLER VariColor. The ADLER VariColor is a water-based environment-friendly coating system, not harmful even for children's toys and, in addition, even conforming to the book of rules and regulations for construction.

"Those who wanted to take up painting work in the house earlier needed to approach the task with a carton full of tins and cans. Different paints and primers were necessary", says Rainer Troppmair, Development Manager of Coating Systems of Structures at the ADLER laboratory. "With Varicolor you now have a product for all applications and situations. And two coats without a primer coat are adequate!"

The universal colorful paint from ADLER is an adhesive professional on all substrates. It works on doors, wood and hard PVC windows, on furniture and even on heaters and other metallic objects indoors and outdoors. If a sophisticated antique or wrought iron finish is desired, then Varicolor E20 is used. This base finish is provided with ferrous glimmer that lends the texture and appearance of high-class metal to any surface; including anti-rust agent.

Apart from all color shades that you could wish for, ADLER VariColor is also available as a colorless variant - in matt finish, such as the colorful variant, and in glossy finish. With such a topcoat, thus, even all colorful surfaces can be designed to be glossy.

"VariColor can be processed wonderfully, regardless of the method of application, such as with a paint brush, roller brush or by spraying. It spreads so well that even with cumbersome application using a paint brush, the job is complete and I have already checked this out on my own. Moreover, two coats applied with one and the same material is adequate and this, of course, makes the task a comfortable one", promises Rainer Troppmair. Thus, there is no reason any longer to keep postponing the many small painting and renovation jobs - grab hold of ADLER VariColor and complete all pending jobs at one go that need to be completed.


ADLER is a family business, rich in tradition and based in Tyrol.

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