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Ace's Simply Magic Ceiling Paint Changes Colors When Dry -- No Holidays

Published on 2002-12-03. Author : SpecialChem

Oak Brook, IL -- The misery has been removed from one of homeowners' most dreaded tasks - the difficult job of painting ceilings. Ace's new Simply Magic Ceiling Paint goes on blue to let you see where you've already applied paint to your ceiling - and to assure you haven't missed any spots. Then, it dries to a clean, pure white.

"Any way you look at it, painting a ceiling can be tricky," says Dick Bristol, director of Ace Hardware's Paint Division. "Usually white paint is being applied over another coat of white. Adding to the difficulty is lighting the surface so you can really see what you're doing. Just when you think you can see, your own shadow gets in the light. Inevitably, the end result are unwanted streaks and missed spots."

Ace Simply Magic takes the guesswork out of painting ceilings through a unique chemical composition. A packet of blue dye additive is attached to the top of the paint can. Just before painting, the do-it- yourselfer removes the packet, cuts it open and squeezes its contents into the can of paint. As the dye is stirred in, the paint becomes blue. The blue color makes it easy to apply the paint evenly, without missing any spots.

But the paint won't stay blue. Here's how the magic works: Simply Magic's formula contains a special ingredient that reacts with sunlight causing the blue to fade away. Within 24 hours, it transforms into a pure, clean white matte finish.

"We're seeing great retailer and consumer interest for this handy product," says Bristol.

National home improvement expert and Ace's "Helpful Hardware Man" Lou Manfredini is one who sees the product's great value. "One of the biggest challenges in painting is getting an even, streak-free ceiling," Manfredini says. "This new ceiling paint now removes that margin for error. And since we know that the fall is one of the biggest seasons for painting as people get ready for the holidays, this product will be ideal for people who want to get the job done right, the first time. Who thought you'd actually want to watch paint dry?"

Simply Magic Ceiling Paint is a product that can be found exclusively in participating Ace Hardware stores nationwide. Suggested retail price is $17.99 per gallon.

Ace Hardware Corp. is comprised of 5,000 stores in 72 countries on six continents with annual retail sales of $13 billion, making it the largest retailer-owned hardware cooperative in the industry. Ace Hardware manufactures its own quality paint out of two Chicago-area facilities, which combined have an annual production capacity of 20 million gallons. For additional information on Ace Hardware, visit www.acehardware.com.

Source: Ace Hardware Corp.

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