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3M Dyneon Offers High-performance PTFE for Glass Fiber Membrane Coating

Published on 2015-05-07. Author : SpecialChem

Glass fiber membranes coated with 3M Dyneon PTFE are extremely well suited for use in textile architecture, because PTFE is a universal high-performance material with many strengths and is particularly durable and robust. For example, glass fiber membranes coated with 3M Dyneon PTFE protected players and spectators against the tropical sun in the newly-built stadium in Manaus during the FIFA World Cup 2014TM in Brazil.
PTFE belongs to the fluoropolymer family and has proven itself on account of its many advantages in the manufacture and protection of architectural membranes. Glass fiber membranes with coatings of 3M Dyneon PTFE have been used for decades in many different architectural structures - from the sun sail to the stadium roof.

High Resistance and Best Protection

As a coating for glass fiber fabrics, PTFE achieves an elongation at break of up to 600 per cent of that of the membranes and protects them against UV radiation, moisture and other environmental influences. At the same time it is particularly resistant: even after many years of use, the coated surface does not become brittle and is able to withstand the most diverse influences and chemicals. What is especially useful is that the smooth surface cleans itself to a large extent with each rain shower. Due to their long durability, textile membranes coated with PTFE are extremely cost-efficient. In addition, the high tensile strength of the coated fabric of up to 10,000 N/5 cm offers architects very large spans.

Use at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil

At the FIFA World Cup™ 2014 in Brazil the specialist for textile architecture, Ceno Tec from Greven, made up 52,000 square meters of glass fiber fabric coated with Dyneon PTFE into 252 made-to-measure elements for the Arena Amazonas in Manaus. The translucent membranes protect the people in the arena against sunlight, enable good ventilation and scatter the light in a pleasant manner. At the same time the glass fiber membranes, which were coated by Verseidag Indutex GmbH of Krefeld, ensure the permanent protection of the roof even in the tropical climate of Manaus. The fact that fluoropolymers require neither softeners nor stabilizers pays off, because these evaporate over the course of time and can lead to the embrittlement of the coating. Due to the protection of the Dyneon PTFE coating, bacteria and mould cannot find any cracks in which to nest, even in tropical environments and after decades of use.

About 3M

3M is a diversified technology company serving customers and communities with innovative products and services. Each of its six businesses has earned leading global market positions. Throughout 3M, its people, products and more than 40 technology platforms are hard at work to improve the lives of individuals and society. Its commitment to capturing the needs of customers and communities constitutes the essence of its creativity and enables it to translate these needs into more than 50,000 innovative solutions touching virtually every aspect of modern life. 

About Dyneon GmbH

Dyneon GmbH, a 3M Company and part of the Advanced Materials Division, is a major supplier of fluoropolymers and focuses on development, production and sales at its headquarters in Burgkirchen, Germany. The product portfolio of fluoroelastomers, fluorothermoplastics, Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and plastic additives, is available through the 3M sales organisation or representations in more than 50 countries.

Source: 3M

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