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Zircotec's ThermoHold® Based Coating Helps Solve Heat Issues for Team Dynojet at BTCC 2011 Season

Published on 2011-10-03. Author : SpecialChem

Team Dynojet has been using Zircotec's ThermoHold® based coating on the manifold, turbocharger and exhaust pipework of it's British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) car for most of the 2011 season. The coating has allowed the team to solve underbonnet heat issues; improve the cars performance and reliability; and help them deliver a string of podium finishes. The coating has delivered close to a 37% drop in underbonnet temperatures notably protecting the gearbox from the effects of heat. By solving the heat issues, the team has been able to focus on other areas of performance of the car, resulting in three podiums in the last two meetings.

Zircotec's coating was assessed on the engine dyno and also in the car with back to back comparisons showing that performance gains were also achieved. "On the dyno the coated exhaust gave an improvement in turbocharger response, as more energy was retained within the exhaust rather than radiated as heat," adds Faulkner. "In vehicle, a significant reduction in underbonnet temperatures was achieved with the Zircotec coated exhaust. This contributes to reduced air intake temperatures, releasing more power." New for 2011, the NGTC-spec Avensis uses a road-derived Toyota 2000 cc engine. Modifications by the engine developer X CTech R push output from 140bhp to around 300bhp, requiring careful packaging and heat management to increase reliability.

"The Toyota 3ZR engine is a lightweight, compact package which we have optimised to ensure delivery of the required performance and durability," says X CTech R Technical Director Mark Faulkner. Crucial to this was the introduction mid way through the season of Zircotec's thermal barrier coating. "Our lightweight and very thin coating provides excellent thermal protection even in tight packaging spaces such as a touring car engine bay," adds Zircotec's Sales Director Peter Whyman.

With this specification of engine to be adopted by all BTCC runners in 2013, Zircotec is hopeful its coatings will become as widespread in touring cars as they are in Formula One, where nearly all the teams use its coatings technology to solve heat, reliability and performance issues.

About Zircotec

Formally part of the Atomic Energy Authority, Zircotec's high temperature coating and heat barrier processes and technologies were originally developed for the nuclear industry. Zircotec's involvement in motorsport stretches back to 1994 when the thermal barrier coating was applied to the exhausts and manifold of Subaru rally cars to lower in-cabin temperatures. Since then the high temperature coating has been applied to vehicles from F1 cars to trucks together with an increasing number of applications for prestigious sports car manufacturers looking for thermal management and heat barrier solutions to manage heat from high performance engines. More recently, Zircotec's ThermoHold™ thermal coatings have been proven to be highly successful in the thermal management of high performance and classic car applications, increasing overall reliability and performance.

Source: Zircotec

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