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West Coast Manufacture of Duranar Coatings to Provide PPG Customers a Competitive Edge

Published on 2004-07-21. Author : SpecialChem


MOJAVE, Calif. -- PPG Industries (NYSE:PPG) launched an automated dispense cell here this month to speed manufacture and delivery of Duranar brand coil and extrusion coatings for customers on the West Coast.

While manufacture of industrial paint takes up to three weeks using traditional methods, it takes only one week with the computer-driven dispense cell, which makes paint in batches of 5- to 1,000-gallons.

PPG's new dispense cell eliminates time-consuming pre-assembly of resins, pigments, solvents and additives prior to formulation. Components are automatically drawn from individual storage vats in the exact proportions needed to meet customer specifications. The cell, which mixes customer orders directly in their shipping containers, dispenses paint components to within one gram in 50 gallons of paint.

"The cell's speed and precision enables us to provide superior product quickly and efficiently, in a larger color pallet and in smaller batch sizes, to meet customer needs. As a result, it will provide a competitive edge for our customers," said Keith Prins, general manager, Industrial Finishes. "The new process minimizes product variability, meaning customers get the exact coatings they need, the first time and every time."

PPG's dispense cell will help industrial customers to eliminate waste by enabling them to purchase exact amounts of coatings on an as-needed basis to meet their production schedules, Prins said. Customers will also be able to reduce or eliminate inventory storage costs.

In addition to the new Mojave facility, PPG's Coil and Extrusion Coatings Group operates about 15 strategically located automated dispense cells worldwide.

Duranar high-performance coil and extrusion coatings combine PPG's proprietary resin and pigment technologies that are durability-proven in more than 30 years of applications under the toughest environmental conditions. Duranar coatings exceed the industry's toughest performance specifications. The coatings provide resistance against color and gloss fade, as well as against environmental stress such as acid rain and ultraviolet (UV) exposure. Environmentally friendly Duranar SPF coatings meet ENERGY STAR requirements for infrared (IR) reflective roof products which help reduce cooling costs, extend roof life expectancy, and aid in the reduction of heat-related smog.

Based in Pittsburgh, with its Industrial Coatings division in nearby Springdale, Pa., PPG is a global leader in the manufacture of architectural, industrial and automotive coatings as well as chemicals, glass and fiber glass. Sales were US$8.8 billion in 2003.

Source: PPG Industries

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