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WACKER SILICONES: New Generation of Silicone Release Agents Achieves Record Coating Rates

Published on 2006-02-27. Author : SpecialChem

MUNICH -- Following the successful high-speed coating runs last September, WACKER SILICONES has now surpassed its own speed record for coating of release liners. Trials using the newly developed DEHESIVE® 915 and DEHESIVE® 960 silicone release agents achieved coating rates of over 1,600 meters per minute. Just a few weeks ago, speeds of up to 1,400 meters per minute had been reached with other roll coatings.

The coating test was carried out on a test line from Max Kroenert GmbH & Co. KG in Hamburg. According to the company, the applicator has been specially designed for high-speed coating and is currently the world’s fastest coating line, reaching 1,610 meters per minute. In the trials performed at the beginning of November, release liners from the paper manufacturer Ahlstrom could be coated and cured reliably and with good quality, even at maximum speed. "We are extremely satisfied with the test result," says WACKER product manager Dr. Alfred Rengstl. "The test shows that our silicone release agents are among the fastest and most reliable coating systems currently available."

The coating tests were carried out using the new high-speed DEHESIVE® 915 and DEHESIVE® 960 coating systems, and a special catalyst with integrated anti-misting additive. These two rapid-crosslinking systems had already been unveiled before an audience of technical experts at Labelexpo Europe back in September. The fast-curing system permits high coating rates to be achieved. The integrated anti-misting additive effectively suppresses undesirable silicone aerosol. Aerosols cause particular problems at high coating speeds unless mechanical or chemical measures are taken to combat them. "Thanks to our new systems, we can work at maximum coating rates without using mechanical extractors," says Dr. Rengstl.

Label and release liner manufacturers who use modern high-speed coating equipment are not the only ones to benefit from these test results. Silicone release agents DEHESIVE® 915 and DEHESIVE® 960 ensure outstanding coating quality at usual coating speeds, too, particularly as regards release force profile, coating weight, curing temperature and platinum consumption. "The tests show that our new silicone release agents are ideal at the coating rates that are conventional in the paper coating industry, and are therefore extremely efficient," adds Dr. Rengstl.

Given the cost pressures in the industry, Kroenert predicts further increases in coating speed and efficiency, as regards the coating lines themselves, as well as the silicones, pressure-sensitive adhesives and paper substrates. Dr. Rengstl: "Our new silicone release agents offer cost-effective solutions that will ideally equip our customers for the future."

Source: WACKER

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