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WACKER Inaugrates EIFS Test Facility in Moscow

Published on 2005-10-11. Author : SpecialChem

Munich / Moscow -- During a customer symposium on 8th October 2005, Germany's WACKER Group officially inaugurated a test wall for exterior insulation and finish systems at its technical center in Moscow. The new facility will test exterior insulation systems under a wide variety of climatic conditions. With this move, the Munich-based chemical group is responding to soaring construction-sector demand in Russia and the CIS. Its main goal is to optimize local customer support and promote internationally recognized quality standards for construction in the region.

The specially designed concrete wall subjects exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) to the toughest of climatic conditions. Aging and weathering processes are accelerated so that a material's stability and effectiveness can be analyzed. A special climate chamber simulates widely diverse conditions ranging from tropical humidity to rain and permafrost. The chamber is adaptable, and ideal for tests that comply with the guidelines of the European Organisation for Technical Approvals (EOTA). During a month-long test phase, the wall is subjected to 80 hygrothermal and five frost cycles, with temperatures ranging from minus 20 to plus 70 °C. The test conditions also comprise variable air humidity and water-spray exposure, and culminate in a detailed inspection. Importantly, the test can be tailored to Russian weather conditions, for example, simulating prolonged permafrost exposure. "Our facility is currently the only one of its kind in the CIS region," says Peter Summo, Vice President of construction polymers at WACKER. "It enables us to realize customized specifications in local applications and to test products thoroughly for the Russian market."

The new test facility reflects WACKER's commitment to Russia and the CIS region, where the EIFS and redispersible-powder markets are booming. Exterior insulation is increasingly important there due to rising energy costs and the climate. The better a building is insulated, the less energy is needed for heating and air conditioning. Energy costs can be cut by as much as 60 percent. Produced by WACKER, VINNAPAS® redispersible powders ensure that the EIFS insulating material is securely bonded to the adhesive and embedding mortar, as well as to the finish coat. As a result, the insulating system offers greater durability and much more resistance to weathering and wear and tear than its unmodified counterparts.

"The Russian and CIS redispersible-powder sector is easily outper-forming the global market, where annual growth is seven percent," explains Peter Summo. "As the global leader for redispersible pow-ders, we aim to continue strengthening our position in such a promis-ing, key market."

The WACKER Group has supplied basic chemicals, such as pyrogenic silica and silicone fluids, to Central and Eastern Europe for over 30 years. As regional sales and marketing requirements in-creased, the Group set up Wacker Chemie Rus in October 2002. Based in Moscow, this subsidiary supports customers in Russia and across the CIS. Since July 2003, specialists at the subsidiary's technical center have been testing formulations containing local raw materials under the customers' specific climatic conditions. Additionally, the technical center offers practical advice on problems relating to construction chemicals and helps customers to implement internationally applicable quality standards.


WACKER POLYMERS is the global market leader in high quality binders and polymer additives. The product portfolio includes construction chemicals, functional polymers for surface coatings and other industrial applications, as well as base chemicals (acetyls). Redispersible powders, dispersions, solid resins, powder binders and surface coating resins from WACKER POLYMERS are used by companies in the construction, automotive, paper and adhesives industries as well as by manufacturers of printing inks and industrial coatings. In 2004, the business division generated sales of EUR 424 million with some 950 employees.

Source: WACKER

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