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ViZera AR Coating Offers Superior Abrasion-resistance with High Clarity to Ophthonix’s iZon Lenses

Published on 2012-07-19. Author : SpecialChem

VISTA, CA -- Never satisfied with settling for the status quo, Ophthonix is a company that is continually researching new and innovative ways of improving the way people see their world. With an already extensive offering of iZon products ranging from single vision to fully-customizable lenses designed for computer use, Ophthonix focused on a significant upgrade for their entire lens portfolio.

Eyeglass lenses, by nature of the material from which they are made, are susceptible to both glare and scratches during normal usage. Understanding how these imperfections can significantly compromise the quality of a wearer's vision, all of Ophthonix's iZon Lenses have always come standard with a scratch-resistant, anti-reflective coating to help minimize the visual impact of these unavoidable occurrences. However, Ophthonix wanted to provide something better and stronger to help a patient's lenses cope with the hectic impact of daily life. Their new cutting-edge anti-reflective coating, ViZera, provides the same high level of clarity and glare reduction as their previous AR coating, but with a much higher Bayer value and superior abrasion-resistance. This increased protection from glare and scratches helps the lenses remain as clear as possible, increasing longevity and reducing the impact on clarity.

When used in conjunction with the wavefront-guided, free-form iZon Lenses, the ViZera AR coating provides the ultimate in lens protection and visual clarity. The best just got better.

About Ophthonix

Ophthonix, Inc., a San Diego-based vision correction company, is forever changing the way people see the world. Customized iZon® High Resolution Lenses allow wearers to see the world in High-Definition-clearer, sharper and more vividly than ever before. The proprietary and patented process is the first-ever vision correction technology that addresses the problems associated with the unique variations in each person's eyes, allowing for customized eyeglass lenses.

Source: Ophthonix

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