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Vincentz Network Partners with SpecialChem to Provide Universal Selectors to its Users

Published on 2016-04-11. Author : SpecialChem

Fig. 1: Vincentz Network Partners with SpecialChem to Provide Universal Selectors to its Users

PARIS, FRANCE, and HANNOVER, GERMANY, April 11, 2016 -- SpecialChem, the B2B digital marketing company specializing in chemicals and materials announced today its partnership with Vincentz Network, the Hannover-based publishing house. The partnership will enable the users of Vincentz’s websites dedicated to paints and coatings to access SpecialChem’s Universal Selectors – online database of paints, coatings and inks ingredients.

The Universal Selector, which gathers more than 55,000 datasheets, is now accessible on European Coatings (european-coatings.com).

“We are very pleased to start this collaboration with SpecialChem” says Jonas Vincentz, Vincentz Network’s CEO. “SpecialChem has done an excellent job in gathering, classifying and offering easy access to tens of thousands of products in the last decade. Offering access to their Universal Selectors on our sites dedicated to the coatings industry, in German and in English, will enrich the content we propose to our loyal users and enrich their experience” added Mr. Vincentz.

“Our Universal Selectors aim at making product selection faster and richer by giving formulators the technical data they need on all the paints, coatings and inks ingredients in the world” says Christophe Cabarry, SpecialChem’s founder and CEO. “We are very excited by this partnership with Vincentz Network. They are such a reference in the industry, managing or co-managing, together with partners, the leading trade shows like the European Coatings Show, the American Coatings Show and Paint India, as well as managing leading conferences and websites. Moreover, we share the same mission to bring quality technical knowledge to formulators of paints and coatings. Together, we will further extend the reach of the Universal Selectors for the benefits of the entire industry around the world” added Mr. Cabarry.

Benefits of the Universal Selectors include:

• Enhanced searches with more than 10 search dimensions for a richer and more detailed product selection
• Access to more than 18,000 pigments, 16,000 additives and 20,000 resins & monomers
• Publication of new products’ data sheets as soon as they are launched
• Data quality thanks to permanent crowd-sourced feedback from users

For detailed information, please visit http://www.european-coatings.com

About SpecialChem

SpecialChem has created the world's largest online professional network dedicated to chemicals and materials. The network counts over 500 000 engineers globally around 4 industries (Plastics & Elastomers, Paints, Coatings & Inks, Adhesives & Sealants, Cosmetics and Personal Care). SpecialChem offers engineers unlimited access to unique databases gathering all chemicals & materials in the world ("Universal Selectors"), and the knowledge to select them. As a B2B Digital Marketing company, SpecialChem leverages its network and data-driven industry insights to help 1. Chemicals and materials suppliers wanting to speed up their innovation and new business development 2. Digital marketers to increase their brand awareness and engage new customers 3. Researchers to scout new technological solutions related to chemicals and materials. For more information, please visit http://www.specialchem.com

About Vincentz Network

As a highly-focused, customer-driven publishing house, Vincentz Network has been serving the coatings community since 1893. Vincentz Network understands itself as a competent provider of information and expertise. The 150 employees operate the foremost surface technology network. Vincentz Network is the organizer of the globally acknowledged European Coatings Show.

Contact at Vincentz Network: Anette Pennartz, anette.pennartz@vincentz.net

Contact at SpecialChem: Sonia Vij, sonia.vij@specialchem.com



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