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Tikkurila's Products Displayed in the Award-Winning Finnish Pavilion in Shanghai

Published on 2010-11-17. Author : SpecialChem

The best pavilions of Shanghai World EXPO 2010 were awarded by BIE (Bureau International des Expositions) in Shanghai. Finland pavilion received a Golden Statue for the best Pavilion Design in category B.

Tikkurila supplied paints and lacquers for the pavilion's steel frame, all the interiors as well as the entrance and the courtyard exterior walls. Visitors were especially charmed by the "frozen lake" with painted fish decorations on white concrete floors.

Finland pavilion Kirnu is an architectural masterpiece designed by Helsinki based JKMM Architects, head architect being Teemu Kurkela.

The pavilion is inspired by nature and called Kirnu in Finnish, Giant's Kettle in English. Kirnu attracted 5.7 million visitors during the six months of World EXPO, which is some 8 % of the total amount of 72 million visitors to 192 pavilions.

Shanghai Expo 069

The BIE Pavilion Prizes are given to the participants based on their contributions for EXPO theme Better City, Better Life. All pavilions were ranked based on three criteria: external design, internal exhibition displays and theme development. External design included also innovation and appeal of design and exhibit displays. Pavilions are divided into four categories based on their type and surface area. There are 21 other pavilions in the same category, in which Norway came in second and Denmark third.

The honorary jury included world-renowned architects, urbanists, BIE officials and other accomplished persons. The award ceremony took place on the BIE Day, the day before the closing of the Expo.

About Tikkurila:

Tikkurila provides consumers, professionals and industrial users with user-friendly and environmentally sustainable solutions for protection and decoration. Tikkurila is a strong regional player that aims to be the leading paint company in the Nordic area and Eastern Europe including Russia.

Source: Tikkurila

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