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The Coatings Division of BASF Mexicana is honored by General Motors with the "Supplier of the Year" award

Published on 2006-10-12. Author : SpecialChem

Münster/Tutlitlán -- For third time since 2002, BASF's Coatings Division in Mexico has received the prestigious General Motors Supplier of the Year award for outstanding performance as an automotive coatings supplier to GM in Mexico.

Mr. Andrew Heilmann, General Motors Global Commodity Manager, presented the award to the BASF Mexicana Coatings Division team during a ceremony held on August 11 at BASF's Tultitlán, Mexico site.

"The Supplier of the Year award recognizes suppliers that consistently add sustainable contributions and value to GM," said Mr. Heilmann. "It recognizes suppliers who demonstrate a superior culture, meaning a "can-do" attitude, obsession with continuous improvement and saying 'no' in the right way; superior organizational capability, which means bringing best-in-class designs, breakthrough technology and speed; and a superior competitive advantage, meaning high-quality performance, flawless launches, sustainable cost advantage and best-in-class value."

Peter Fischer, General Manager, Coatings Division, BASF Mexicana, spoke about the importance of the award for BASF. "We are very proud to receive this recognition for the third time," said Fischer. "Our objective is the same as that of GM - total customer satisfaction. Based on this shared objective, we will continue to supply the highest quality products and the innovative solutions and services that help GM to be more successful."

In Mexico, BASF supplies two GM assembly plants: Silao and Ramos Arizpe. Recent GM projects successfully supported by BASF include the new HHR model, launched in 2005 at Ramos Arizpe, and the introduction of the GMT 900 Platform for the new Suburban, Avalanche and Escalade EXT models at Silao in 2006. Recently BASF was selected as a supplier to a new plant in San Luis Potosi, and is now actively working with GM to ensure a flawless launch. This new GM assembly plant will come on stream in 2008.

Source: BASF

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