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SYNTHRON Wins Ringier Award 2011 for Technology Innovation in 'Additives for Paints' Category

Published on 2011-07-05. Author : SpecialChem

The SYNTHRON Company, subsidiary of the PROTEX INTERNATIONAL chemical group, received the Innovation Award in the category "Additives for Paints" on the occasion of the 8th China Coatings Summit, which was held in Shangai on 14 and 15 June 2011, where the "Ringier Technology Innovation Awards" take place.

Launched in 2006, the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards - considered one of the most prestigious in this industry in China - award companies making significant technological advances through scientific innovations, which provide new opportunities for the market in the field of Additives for Paints.

The jury is composed of renowned independent experts from recognized scientific associations, universities, research institutes, and follows a strict selection process, according to principles of neutrality and equity.

SYNTHRON was awarded for innovative design and technical excellence for the products in the Modarez®X series: these are wetting agents substrates for systems in aqueous and solvent mediums that improve the spreading and adhesion of paints and inks, on difficult substrates such as plastics or metals.

Specifically, these additives have an application that can be found in everyday life. Thus, the Modarez® range is used to paint the plastic required in the automotive industry: paint for bumpers, metallic color of the body. These wetting agents are also applied for printing on plastic bottles used by all: shampoos, PET bottles.

This product line is developed in the SYNTHRON Centre for Study and Development, on the industrial site at Auzouer-en-Touraine. By establishing in 1952 its Research Centre on the production site, the intention of the group was to bring research and industrial application together. Innovation is a priority and more than 5% of turnover is spent on research, reporting directly to its CEO, Robert MOOR.

"Given the ever-increasing global requirements and the technical aspects of the applications, innovation must be continuous : we must continue to recruit scientific talent, and be in contact with scientific and industrial partners, stimulate research programmer" explains Robert MOOR, who intends to hire more researchers who must be "finders".

About Synthron

Synthron is a subsidiary of Protex International. This medium-sized independent group has been established in 1932. Its business is to develop, to produce and to market chemical and biochemical specialties for various industries. Synthron spread its expertise to a wide variety of markets: Agriculture, Specialty chemicals (Agrochemicals, Building), Paper, Paints & Coatings.

Source: Synthron

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