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Suvinil Paints by BASF Coatings For Famous Brazilian Museum

Published on 2008-08-08. Author : SpecialChem

Münster / São Paulo -- Europeans spontaneously associate with Brazil joy of living, warmth, energy and perhaps also fire or passion. The color red spontaneously evokes similar feelings. Anybody looking at the Museum of Art in São Paulo (MASP) quite literally sees red; being in Brazil he thinks of Suvinil, brand of BASF Coatings and with this premium brand market leader in South America. Especially for the museum, Suvinil developed the color "Red MASP", an environmentally sustainable waterborne coating. Thanks to the sponsor, the very striking red now brightens up the entire external façade and the interior painted surfaces of the building in the heart of the major South American metropolis.

Museum of Art in São Paulo(MASP)

Exactly 40 years ago, Queen Elizabeth II solemnly inaugurated the museum; time had come to provide it with a new coat of paint given that the museum is one of the outstanding tourist attractions of the megacity.

Eugênio Luporini Neto, head of Marketing of Suvinil, comments: "Stop! There's art in the air; that's the message of the color 'RED MASP'. It certainly is an eye catcher. Supporting this important cultural activity is a matter of course for Suvinil. After all, MASP is not only a brilliant advertisement for the city but also the most important art collection of South America."

From April to the end of June, the museum dedicated all its efforts exclusively to the "façade art". Now it appears fresh and young just like its exhibition. The building is of striking architecture; among other things it houses a collection of modern art which is unique in Brazil. The main body of the building seems to be floating, supported only by four red steel beams; and here you can see the works of famous artists such as Picasso, Chagall, Dalí, Matisse or Andy Warhol.

Source: BASF

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