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Sun Chemical Rolls Out 'Next-Generation' Coldset Inks and Services

Published on 2006-10-13. Author : SpecialChem

Amsterdam, Holland -- Sun Chemical at IFRA launched Polar Advantage™ news inks, which are part of the all-new matrix of 'next-generation' products and services from the world's largest producer of inks and pigments. The high-performance newspaper inks, set to take the market by storm, use cutting-edge resin and flush technologies that improve rub resistance while providing faster drying, lower dot gain and more consistency on press.

Sun Chemical experts spent more than two years developing these premium inks, complemented by matching services, that are all part of the Coldset Matrix™ designed to give optimised print quality for each client's specific printing requirements. Trials have been successfully completed for this new platform technology in multiple locations, and almost 60 percent of Sun Chemical's coldset inks volume already is Polar Advantage™.

Sun Chemical's Polar Colour Range™ incorporates flushed-pigment technology, advanced-vehicle formulations, and optimised ink and water balance. It also includes optimal ink strengths to enhance ink trapping and transfer characteristics. The result is a cleaner, sharper reproduction with minimal ink lay-down.

Other complementary products in Sun Chemical's Coldset Matrix include:

  • Shark™ waterless inks: Waterless inks that provide lower viscosities and less sensitivity to temperature variation than existing waterless ink products. The inks can easily be applied to a broad range of substrates and benefit from an absence of VOCs, and the ability to use water-based cleaning.
  • Vegiweb™: A proven range of inks incorporating renewable vegetable oils, yet fully optimised for today's sophisticated, fast-running presses.
  • Granit™: A pioneering range of inks designed to substantially optimise print quality for individual press applications. It allows the printer to promptly achieve a stable ink / water-balance for optimum transfer, and to achieve smooth solids on a wide range of newsprint basis weights.
  • Uniweb™: A value-added product segment offering technology for UV, IR, and other assisted drying methods, including a combination ink that can be used for heatset printing or as an enhanced coldset ink on newsprint.

Steve Lilley, Sun Chemical's European coldset product director, said: "Sun Chemical is at the forefront of innovation, which is shown by this next generation of inks that are designed and optimised to run on today's most advanced high-speed printing presses. Every printer is looking for ways to improve his or her print quality and press productivity as a way to improve operating profits. This, in turn, enhances their image in the marketplace. That's why we have also introduced a complementary range of new services, which includes additional consumables, more training and value packages for our customers."

Charles Murray, Sun Chemical's corporate vice-president and group managing director, said: "We work extremely closely with our customers to help them achieve optimal results from their printing presses. This new range of inks and services is a good example of that co-operation, and the results will provide real benefits for the newspaper industry as a whole."

About Sun Chemical

Sun Chemical, the world's largest producer of printing inks and pigments, is a leading provider of materials to packaging, publication, coatings, plastics, cosmetics, and other industrial markets. With annual sales of approximately $4 billion, Sun Chemical has over 12,000 employees supporting customers around the world. The Sun Chemical Group of companies includes such established names as Coates, Hartmann, Kohl & Madden, and US Ink.

Sun Chemical Corporation in the U.S. and Sun Chemical Limited in England are subsidiaries of Sun Chemical Group B.V., the Netherlands. Sun Chemical has headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey, U.S.A.; Slough, England; and Weesp, the Netherlands.

Source: Sun Chemical

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