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Sun Chemical to Feature its Nanosilver Inks at MD&M East 2017

Published on 2017-06-07. Author : SpecialChem

PARSIPPANY, N.J., USA -- Sun Chemical and its parent company, DIC Corporation, will exhibit its wide portfolio of solutions for biosensors and medical devices during MD&M East 2017 on June 13-15 in New York City.

Products and Services on Display:

MDM East

  • Gwent Electronic Materials for biosensors, electroluminescence (EL) materials, mircocircuits, and printed circuit boards
  • SunTronic® ECLIPSE conductive inks, resists, dielectrics, and insulators
  • SunTronic® NANOSILVER inks optimized for aerosol jet and inkjet systems
  • SunTronic® “In-Mold Electronics Full Stack” where traditional and electronic inks can be sold together from a single source
  • DAITAC PSA Tapes for sensors, flexible printed circuits, and medical device assembly
  • SEPAREL hollow fiber degassing modules for degassing fluids in diagnostics and medical devices

“We can offer our customers a comprehensive solutions portfolio for biosensors and medical devices,” said Roy Bjorlin, Commercial and Strategic Initiatives Director, Sun Chemical. “Unlike traditional material suppliers, we are committed to providing tailor-made materials solutions for a wide variety of applications.”

Conductive Inks for Switches, Sensors and more

Sun Chemical will display its conductive inks, resists, dielectrics, and insulators for membrane touch switches (MTS), sensors, displays, touch panels, printed antenna, and solid state lighting. To support a broad variety of applications, SunTronic® ECLIPSE technologies can be tailor-made for specific printing processes, including screen, inkjet, roll-to-roll coating, and other print technologies.

SunTronic® NANOSILVER Inks for Aerosol Jet and Inkjet Systems

Expanding on its EMD5800 series of nanosilver inks for inkjet systems, Sun Chemical’s recently introduced EMD5805 nanosilver inks can be used with digital and direct write systems. EMD5800 nanosilver inks deliver the industry’s best performing low-temperature sintering properties and its unique chemistry offers long open life as well as superior jetting performance. Optimized for industry leading aerosol jet and inkjet systems, it is now possible to work with one nanosilver from prototype to production with the EMD5800 series of inks.

Traditional and Electronic Inks for In-Mold Electronics

Booth visitors will learn that Sun Chemical is the world’s only provider of both functional and graphic inks for in-mold electronics (IME). Offering an “IME Full Stack” where both traditional inks and electronic inks can be sold together from a single source, Sun Chemical is uniquely positioned to provide both form and function for the burgeoning IME process.

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Source: Sun Chemical
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