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Sun Chemical becomes Official Ink Maker to MetalFX

Published on 2005-07-14. Author : SpecialChem

WATFORD, England -- Sun Chemical has signed up as an official MetalFX® ink maker, meaning that inks for the process metallic colour system are available from the world's biggest ink company.

John Adkin, the European Product Director for Sheetfed and UV inks, said: "As the highest-value supplier of colour-related products and services in the world, we need to keep tabs on the latest breakthroughs in technology. Sun Chemical has been interested in the development of MetalFX® for some time now, and interest has now become sufficient in the marketplace for us to become an official MetalFX® ink supplier."

Sun Chemical has signed up its first UK distribution point as an outlet for MetalFX® inks. Sun Chemical at South Normanton, Derbyshire, can now offer official process and metallic inks that are compatible with the MetalFX® system.

Adkin said: "We are very excited to be offering this new process to our customers as we believe that it will open up more market opportunities and lead to some great printing! We now look forward to developing the relationship between MetalFX® and Sun Chemical further over the coming months."

Sun Chemical has been working closely with Wolstenholme International, the manufacturer of the MetalFX® base silver inks. Andrew Rink, the Managing Director of Wolstenholme International, said: "To have Sun Chemical join the family of MetalFX® distributors is great news, and we look forward to continuing working with them on future MetalFX® projects."

About Sun Chemical

Sun Chemical, the world's largest producer of printing inks and pigments, is a leading provider of materials to packaging, publication, coatings, plastics, cosmetics, and other industrial markets. With annual sales approaching $4 billion, Sun Chemical has over 12,000 employees supporting customers around the world. The Sun Chemical Group of companies includes such well-known names as Coates, Hartmann, Kohl & Madden, and US Ink.

Sun Chemical Corporation in the U.S. and Sun Chemical Limited in England are subsidiaries of Sun Chemical Group B.V., the Netherlands. Sun Chemical has headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey, U.S.A.; Watford, England; and Weesp, the Netherlands.

About MetalFX®

Sun Chemical has been working closely with the manufacturer of the MetalFX® base silver inks, Wolstenholme International, in the drive for spreading awareness of the MetalFX® process. Interest generated between the two companies has led to the sale of a number of MetalFX® Licenses to printers in recent weeks, including Ken Wilkins, Delta Display and MGP Chromocraft.

MetalFX® has opened up a whole new colour spectrum for printers and designers. Thousands of striking metallic colours are created by overprinting CMYK values onto the MFX® Base silver ink. The colour specification is all controlled through the MFX® software and swatch books. The process inks used for MetalFX® have clearly defined values so manufacturers have the ability to produce inks compatible with the metallic colour specification system.

Source: Sun Chemical

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