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Solucorp's MBS and IFS Technologies to be Marketed to Aeronautic, Railcar and Automotive Industry by NS Technologies

Published on 2004-12-27. Author : SpecialChem

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Solucorp Industries, Ltd. (OTC:SLUP - News) announced that the company has signed a Sales, Marketing and Product Use agreement with N.S. Technologies of Seattle, Washington. Under this renewable agreement Solucorp grants to N.S. Technologies the exclusive right to utilize and purchase its MBS® (Molecular Bonding System) technology within the Aeronautics, Railcar and Automotive Industries to treat/remediate heavy metal contaminated paint ash and paint booth filter waste. N.S. Technologies will market and sell specific IFS (Integrated Fixation System) products (self-remediating filters, paint strippers and sand blasting lead remediation additive) to its extensive, existing client base.

N.S. technologies, Inc., a prominent firm in the filter and hazardous waste disposal industry, owns various patented and proven processes for reducing hazardous paint waste disposal. Located in Seattle, Washington, N.S. Technologies specializes in helping companies throughout the U.S. to legally reduce their hazardous waste through proper onsite treatment of paint over-spray filters and the treatment of process paint sludge.

N.S. technologies works closely with Commercial Filter Sales & Services, Inc. and shares with them a customer base of approximately 2200 companies and governmental agencies extending from Washington to Florida. They have an extensive nationwide network that includes filter and equipment manufacturers as well as professional salespeople and distributors in the filter and paint/filter waste industry.

"The signing of this agreement is very timely in conjunction with our press release with Filtrair (November 4, 2004). Solucorp and Filtrair have designed a self-remediating filter for use within the paint booth industry. Solucorp welcomes N.S. as the sales and marketing arm of this team. Solucorp enters into this agreement with N.S. Technologies because N.S.'s client base and corporate expertise are perfectly suited to develop this niche and untapped market," said Richard Runco, President of Solucorp Industries, Ltd. Runco added, "By introducing the Solucorp technologies to their existing and future client bases, NS will be offering them one of the best, permanent and most cost effective solutions for their waste streams."

About Solucorp

Solucorp Industries Ltd., a Canadian corporation, is parent to three U.S. corporations including: Solucorp Industries, Integrated Fixation System Co., Inc. and WITS, Inc. Solucorp's patented Molecular Bonding System (MBS®) technology can remediate and treat wastes where heavy metals are present by chemically binding those metals so that they will not leach and contaminate the groundwater. The MBS® technology has been used throughout the United States and Canada as well as the UK, Italy, China and Argentina. Solucorp's MBS® technology can be reviewed on the EPA website by typing in the New Search Space, "Molecular Bonding System". This technology is also presented in a periodical produced by the EPA titled "Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation (SITE) Program, Technology Profiles, 10th Edition and Demonstration Program". As an outgrowth of MBS®, Solucorp has and continues to develop products and prototypes for its IFS (Integrated Fixation System) technology, which can be used as a coating or additive to paint strippers, paint booth filters, batteries, ammunition, computers, switches, liners, coal fire furnaces (mercury) and a host of other products where hazardous metals come in contact. This would enable manufacturers to produce products that self-remediate thereby eliminating environmental pollution at its source. WITS EC (Electrocoagulation) technology remediates wastewater and other aqueous waste streams through the use of electrical currents that destabilize suspended, emulsified or dissolved contaminants.

The foregoing discussion contains forward-looking statements, which are based on current expectations. Actual results, including the timing and amount of revenues recognized, contracts awarded and performed and net income, may differ due to such factors as: delays in payment on contracts due to dealings with governmental and foreign entities; fluctuations in operating costs associated with changes in project specifications; economic and other conditions affecting the ability of prospective clients to finance projects; and other risks generally affecting the financing of projects. Investors are cautioned to perform a proper due diligence and consult licensed professionals prior to making an investment decision.

Source: Solucorp Industries, Ltd.

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