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Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes Corp. now Offers Exclusive Line of Classic, Custom Car Colors Through its Planet Color® Product Line; Inspired by Barrett-Jackson® Auction House

Published on 2009-11-16. Author : SpecialChem

LAS VEGAS -- Ever heard of 'Blisterin' Blue.' 'LeMans Blue Pearl.' 'Big Bad Orange.' 'Crazy Cuda'. 'Hemi Violet?'

These are but a few of the unique custom automotive paint colors inspired by both 1960's and early 1970's muscle and performance cars and are representative of many of the most expensive and profitable vehicles sold at the various Barrett-Jackson® Auctions.

Ever wonder how you can get your classic to be finished off like one of these classics? Well, now you can - and you can even do it yourself - with the new Planet Color® Barrett-Jackson Collector Color Series paint line.

Featuring 25 of the most inspiring classic vehicle finishes, and colors found on many of today's custom rides, Barrett-Jackson Auction House has teamed up with Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes Corp. (SWAFC) to introduce this special palette of new factory packaged custom automotive paint colors reminiscent of greatest muscle and high-performance vehicles of our time - and are now available to any collector or restorer looking to give their classic that same custom finish.

Made from a series of optically enhanced coatings containing state-of-the-art modern crystals and pigmentation technology, these colors have the same look and feel of the colors from back in the day - but are cleaner in appearance, with greater brilliance and depth of finish.

Not sure of all the products you'll need to create a beautiful paint job? Not a problem. To support and introduce the Collector Color Series, Barrett-Jackson and Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes Corp. have just completed and now offer a new, detailed step-by-step video, 'The 7 Steps to a Killer Paint Job.'

The video carefully takes experienced and novice painters through the specific application steps to the process, including prep; body repair; prime; primer-sealer; color; clear coat and polish. There's even a section on spraying optional Mid-coats that can be applied over any basecoat color for that real, one-of-a-kind custom effect.

"We're excited to partner with Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes Corp.," said Steve Davis, Barrett-Jackson President. "We believe this partnership will provide automotive enthusiasts, collectors and true artists with some of the finest products to either re-create the classic car colors they remember or create new designs limited only by their imagination."

"We appreciate the opportunity to team up with Barrett-Jackson and the valuable information they provided us on re-styled vehicle colors from the iconic muscle car era to the hottest colors utilized by today's top custom car restoration builders," said David Kidd, Sherwin-Williams Automotive OEM Business Development Manager/Planet Color. "The results are new custom finishes that offer unparalleled durability; perfectly matching the rich, vibrant colors of both the older and new classics, as well as providing more clarity and a brilliant appearance."

Source: Sherwin-Williams

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