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Rilsan® Active From Atofina Cuts Down Contamination Risk

Published on 2004-06-04. Author : SpecialChem

Atofina has developed and patented a new polyamide fine powder: RILSAN® Active. This latest RILSAN® grade contains an antimicrobial agent based on the Sanitized® Silver technology to produce high-performance coatings offering effective long-term protection against bacterial growth.

Tests conducted in-house and confirmed by an independent laboratory (1) in accordance with Standard JIS Z 2801-2000 have shown that RILSAN® Active coatings help reduce bacterial population by over 99.99 % on E. coli., S. aureus and L. pneumophila strains (the latter being responsible for Legionnaire's disease). The antimicrobial inorganic agent - Sanitized® Silver (2) - contained in RILSAN® Active will not migrate. It reduces contamination risk on the surface throughout the polymer's lifetime.

RILSAN® Active-based coatings limit the growth of surface micro-organisms whilst maintaining optimum protection of metal parts against corrosion. RILSAN® Active also features the outstanding mechanical properties and comprehensive ageing resistance of standard RILSAN® grades, thereby significantly extending the life of metal parts.

A solution to wide-ranging sanitary safety issues, RILSAN® Active is used in particular to coat hospital equipment, as well as fittings for public places and public transport.

Source: Atofina

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