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Resolution Specialty Materials Announces Liquid Coating Resin Price Increases

Published on 2005-03-21. Author : SpecialChem

Resolution Specialty Materials LLC (RSM) announced price increases driven by the continued rising costs of feedstocks that are integral to the manufacture of liquid coating resins, and that continue to be in short supply with increasing global demand. Despite RSM's best efforts to minimize the impact to our customers, the continued raw material cost escalation and market tightness necessitates this adjustment.

Increases are as follows: $.05 per pound increase on all latex polymers (Aquamac and Hydreau trade names); $.05 per pound increase for solution acrylic resins (Acrylamac trade name); $.07 per pound on all polyesters (Polymac); $.05 per pound on all epoxy esters (Rezimac). $.06 per pound on all linseed oil based products; $.03 on all other non-linseed alkyds and copolymers (Duramac, Rezimac, Carbamac and Macopol); $.06 on UV resins; $.25 on Chemacoil products.

List and off-list increases are effective on all shipments on or after April 4, 2005, and will affect all North and South American customers and distributors as agreements allow.

Resolution Specialty Materials LLP is a producer of coating resins, inks, composite polymers, textile chemicals and acrylic monomers with facilities in the U.S., Europe and China.

Source: Resolution Specialty Materials LLP

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