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Rentech, Inc. Announces the Sale of Its Wholly Owned Subsidiary OKON, Inc.

Published on 2005-03-10. Author : SpecialChem

DENVER -- Rentech, Inc. announced that it has finalized an agreement and has sold 100% of the outstanding capital stock of OKON, Inc. (OKON). The purchasing entity is Zinsser Co., Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of RPM International Inc., one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of paints, coatings, and construction chemical products in the United States. The sales price of the transaction is $2 million and effective immediately. The sale includes all underlying assets and intellectual properties of OKON.

Addressing the sale of OKON, Dennis Yakobson, Rentech Chairman and C.E.O. stated: "The sale of OKON signals a change in the overall Rentech business plan from owning and managing cash flowing businesses that were in support of, but unrelated to the Company's core GTL technology business, to focusing all of Rentech management's time and Company resources on GTL projects and technology."

Claude Corkadel, Vice President of Strategic Programs for Rentech, Inc., who is responsible for subsidiary operations stated: "My experience with the staff at OKON has been very professional and reflected the quality of the company and its excellent industry reputation. We are very thankful to Frank Livingston, president of OKON, and its employees, for their years of service and loyalty to the Rentech family."

About OKON, Inc.

OKON, Inc., located in Denver, Colorado, is a pioneer in the advancement of environmentally friendly, water-based sealer technology for concrete, masonry and wood. OKON products are manufactured for distribution across the United States and into Canada, Mexico and many other areas around the world.

About Rentech, Inc.

Rentech, Inc., a Denver, Colorado corporation, incorporated in 1981, is the developer and licensor of a patented and proprietary Fischer-Tropsch gas-to-liquids process for conversion of synthesis gas made from natural gas, industrial off-gas, or solid or liquid carbon-bearing materials, including coal, into high-value fuels and chemicals. These include clean burning, ultra-low-sulfur and ultra-low-aromatic fuels (beyond detectable limits), naphtha, waxes and fuel for fuel cells.

Safe Harbor Statement

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Source: Rentech

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