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Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Woodcoatings

Published on 2010-08-26. Author : SpecialChem

The 7th Woodcoatings Congress organized by PRA will take place on Oct.12th & 13th in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, under the moto "Reducing the Environmental Footprint". Unsurprisingly key topics like VOC reduction and Carbon Footprint reduction will be covered. But first reviews and descriptions of the most up-to-date understanding of what "sustainability of woodcoatings" means will be presented. In the UK PAS2050 is used for numerical carbon footprint labelling. PAS2050 has put considerable pressure on suppliers of raw materials and paint manufacturers to provide carbon footprint relevant data. An efficient but cheap tool to measure Carbon Footprint of Paints will be presented.

Another key topic for the Woodcoating Industry is the reduction of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Following the 'Paints' Directive that went into force in April 2004, and the second phase of this Directive that was implemented in January 1st, 2010, there is no doubt we are only at the beginning of the range of actions to reduce VOC. Although the current restrictions apply to decorative coatings, discussions on further restrictions to be specifically applied on woodcoatings and industrial coatings have already occurred. Different options have been reviewed; but all of them cover tighter VOC-limits on coatings. Follow-up on directives implementations are also conducted. Results of these follow-up, but also limitations of such directives will be discussed.

Increasing durability of woodcoatings is an efficient way to increase sustainability of next generation coatings. Companies and Institutes will present their latest technologies and products that are fueling advances into increased sustainability. Whatever these innovations bring increased resistance to UV (IBU-tec Advanced Materials AG; ISP; Cytec...) or increased resistance to micro-organisms and moisture (USDA Forest Products Laboratory, Institute of Wood Technology Dresden, Drywood Coatings...) many new ways are now available to increase durability of woodcoatings.

More information on this conference is available here.

Source: PRA

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