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Profits help Hempel invest for the future

Published on 2010-04-02. Author : SpecialChem

The positive result means that Hempel can continue with investments planned before the economic crisis hit in 2008. These include new factories in Poland and China, and increased focus on a broader array of industries to support Hempel's future growth.

According to Pierre-Yves Jullien, Hempel Group President and CEO, the good results prove that Hempel's strategy is working: "This is a testimony to Hempel's ability to resist difficult economic situations. It affirms that the decisions we took in 2009 were the right ones - and shows that customers rely more and more on professional and efficient suppliers, whatever the economic context. We know that 2010 will be a difficult year for many areas of our business, but we are in a good position to grow in the coming years."

Most business segments show promising signs in 2009

Hempel's Marine segment performed well in 2009, with sales boosted by innovative products such as the award-winning Hempasil X3. The Protective segment still accounted for 45 per cent of Hempel's business in 2009, despite stagnation in Europe and the US. However, Hempel's Container business almost stopped in 2009 as world demand for containers fell dramatically. This accounted for around seven per cent of the drop in Hempel's revenues in 2009.

Hempel's Decorative segment exceeded expectations in 2009, especially in the Middle East, and a new R&D Centre in Bahrain should help improve performance in the years to come. And while global consumption dropped, Hempel's Yacht segment still managed to maintain its market share.

Source: Hempel

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