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PPG Seigneurie illustrates the fusion between technology and art for building

Published on 2009-05-14. Author : SpecialChem

Shanghai -- PPG Industries' architectural coatings business, in conjuction with the Shanghai Real Estate Trade Association and the Professional Committee for the Promotion of Energy-Efficient Construction, recently held the 2009 Seigneurie Products Conference at Hwa's Gallery, a prestigious art gallery in Shanghai. Many architects and real estate agencies attended this event to discover the latest breakthrough Seigneurie products, including PPG's eye-catching Nanometric Painting System (NPS).

Carrefour Shanghai Wuning Store  the annotation of Art from Seigneurie

New to the market, PPG's NPS is the first architectural coating with nanometric technology, a revolutionary dirt-, pollution- and water-resistant technology, with unmatched aesthetic features. Until now, traditional anti-dirt matte and elastic paints were unable to completely resist the effects of pollution and dirt. PPG's NPS complies with the waterborne and environmental protection standards that are consistent with the anti-pollution strategy of PPG architectural coatings. "PPG has always been at the origin of the major technology breakthroughs related to architectural coatings such as no-VOC paints and water-based woodcare, " said Pauline Yuen, general manager, automotive refinish, architectural coatings and light industrial coatings, PPG China. "PPG has once more made a difference with its new NPS technology."

Pauline Yuen, General Manager, automotive refinish, architectural coatings and light industrial coatings, PPG China, gave a speech at Seigneurie Products Conference.

In 2008, nearly 50 French mural painters from CiteCreation used Seigneurie paints to create a 5,000 m2 trompe-l'oeil Fresco painting at the Carrefour Shanghai Wuning Store. The painting is the largest of its kind in the world and is protected with an exterior insulation finish system. An environmentally-friendly coating technology, Seigneurie paint offers decorative protection to modern fresco art. The primary designer of this fresco painting, Gilbert Coudene, general manager of CiteCreation, presented the record-breaking Fresco, his vision and techniques at the conference, "We could always find what we wanted in the Seigneurie color card; this is also one of the major reasons why CiteCreation chooses Seigneurie products both in Europe and China."

Thierry Destruhaut, marketing and research and development project manager, PPG architectural coatings, used a simple example to describe how nanometer technology helps to maintain the orginal appearance of architecture. "Architects work for real estate companies; real estate companies are looking to make their properties easier to sell. And one of the key features we use to sell properties is its overall look and quality," Destruhaut said. "In order to satisfy market demands, architects are always looking for new technologies to realize their vision. PPG collaborates closely with architects, so that they can achieve their artistic needs using our breakthrough technology."

Pauline Yuen concluded, "The unveiling of PPG's high-tech coatings products in this renowned gallery helps to illustrate the fusion between technology and art."

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