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PPG Releases a "Paint Color Portfolio" with 2012-23 Color Trends for Architectural Solutions

Published on 2011-10-28. Author : SpecialChem

PITTSBURGH -- Architects, designers, commercial builders and building owners have a new solution: a PPG Paint Color Portfolio "fan deck" with 2012-2013 color trends to help them update, renovate or build new hotel, retail, office and health care facilities.

Within the fan deck, each of the four commercial segments features six color trends along with more than 120 architect- and designer-sized color swatches.

"We created this color trends fan deck to be a working tool for our commercial segments," said Dee Schlotter, Brand Manager, THE VOICE OF COLOR® program of PPG Industries' architectural coatings business. "The deck has great functionality and allows colors to be fanned out next to each other so the trend can be seen fully."

The color and design trends for these industries represent current societal, digital and demographic influences. Consumers are more aware of their surroundings, from the interior of convenience stores to product packaging and websites. Consumers expect everything to be more design- and color-focused, whether it's the hotel where they stay, the retail store they shop in, the office they work in or the health facility they visit.

The four commercial segments featured in the PPG Paint Color Portfolio are:


Hotels have become a runway for interior designers, reflecting an atmosphere of style and design around the world. With this aesthetic flair, hotel guests are talking as much about their stay as about the fine restaurants and landmarks they visit. These six color palettes are best suited for use in hotel rooms, lobbies, meeting spaces and internal restaurant spaces. Hotel color trends range from fauve, nautilus and cradle to cradle with a more neutral look to idol, mad hatter and neon life that feature bright colors and more adventurous pairings.


In these uncertain economic times, retail shop owners are providing in-store experiences centered around design, color and even scent. The retail color scheme focuses on furnishing interior and exterior retail spaces with a palette of choices from calm and traditional - neo classic, super basic and organic - to the more vibrant - provocative, playful bespoke and futurist techno.


Color, furniture type, overall design and amount of natural light - these design elements can influence how you feel and work in a certain space. This palette reinvents museums, dental offices, creative agencies, yoga studios and engineering firms, to name a few. The studio palette offers a creative space with playful color blocking, while symphony provides a modern take on an industrial work space. The other four color schemes include livewell, forma, neochic and atelier.

Health Care

Heath care facilities are now looking like spas with more natural light, more private rooms and more nature to aid in promoting wellness. The health care palette is best suited for pediatric clinics, patient rooms, waiting rooms, long-term clinics, research facilities and doctor's offices. Atlas, a calming palette, is featured for doctor's offices while colorescape focuses on nature themes and vibrant colors for pediatric hospitals. The four other palettes for the health care group include homezone, chrysalis, wateressence and evolution.

About PPG Architectural Coatings

PPG Architectural Coatings is among the industry leaders in serving professionals and homeowners through a network of company stores and independent dealers across North America under the PPG PITTSBURGH PAINTS®, PPG PORTER PAINTS® and PPG brands. PPG employs more than 20 color stylists around the world, each specializing in different markets, who collaborate to determine styles and color trends for the home, electronics and automobiles. PPG's unique position as a color leader in multiple markets enables it to observe and translate emerging global color trends for its customers' applications - from consumer goods to automotive color, from residential to commercial to industrial design.

About PPG Industries

PPG Industries' vision is to continue to be one of the world's leading coatings and specialty products company. Through leadership in innovation, sustainability and color, PPG helps customers in industrial, transportation, consumer products, and construction markets and aftermarkets to enhance more surfaces in more ways than does any other company. Founded in 1883, PPG has global headquarters in Pittsburgh and operates in more than 60 countries around the world.

Source: PPG

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