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NRC Distributes TANATEX’s Various Additives like Defoamers, Non-APEO Wetting & Dispersing Agents

Published on 2013-12-25. Author : SpecialChem

HAMBURG -- Since September 2013, Nordmann, Rassmann has been working with TANATEX Deutschland GmbH within the coatings industry to distribute TANATEX products throughout Germany. For over 50 years, TANATEX has been producing EO/PO-based emulsifiers and defoaming agents.

NRC's portfolio of TANAFOAM® products features a variety of defoamers that are each based on silicon, mineral oil, natural oil or polymer-free compounds. The latter are chiefly used in waterborne formulations.

Under the brand name TANEMUL®, NRC has been distributing APEO-free anionic und non-ionic wetting and dispersing agents used primarily in water and solvent-based dispersions of organic or inorganic pigments, carbon blacks and fillers. Innovations like TANEMUL® DA 345 are of particular interest, as it is a wetting and dispersing agent for carbon black that can be used equally well in either waterborne or solvent-based formulations. It is amine-free and contains a new type of anchoring group, which is why the product is factory-recommended for use in reactive-curing systems and other binders in which amines cause or link catalysis, pushing conventional dispersing agents to their limits.

TANATEX's wealth of experience in producing its own fine chemicals has given the company an excellent foundation for its production of high-grade additives. NRC is proud to offer a broad range of wetting and dispersing agents, rheology modifiers and defoamers, in addition to other specialty additives used to formulate paints and coatings.

About Nordmann, Rassmann

Established in 1912 by Eduard Nordmann and Fritz Rassmann as a company trading in natural rubber, Nordmann, Rassmann is an international group undertaking with a shared focus on the distribution of chemical and natural raw materials as well as specialty chemicals. With their group headquarters situated in the heart of Hamburg and eleven subsidiaries banded throughout Europe, their distribution and sales forces serve as important links that join suppliers from around the globe to customers from the wider manufacturing industry. They deliver individualized solutions for the manufacture of goods that are tailor-made to fit our needs. They find the right product for their customer in their extensive range of high-quality, technically-sophisticated raw materials and specialty chemicals.


TANATEX Chemicals; one of the world's leading specialty chemicals producers. Their global activities comprise of two core BU's:: Textile Processing Solutions producing a wide variety of textile processing chemicals and Chemical Solutions producing performance chemicals for various industrial applications.

HQ is based in Ede, Netherlands, production sites situated in both Netherlands as Germany. Furthermore they have a global network of sales offices in the regions EMEA, Latin America, India, USA, Asia Pacific and Japan. Through these offices, agencies and distributors they can supply and service their global customers

Source: Nordmann, Rassmann

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