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Nordmann to Distribute WeylChem’s Bio-based Polyols in DACH Region

Published on 2024-02-08. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Nordmann WeylChem Biobased Polyols DACH Region Nordmann announces the start of a new partnership with WeylChem Group of Companies. It is for the distribution and supply of its Velvetol® bio-based polyols in the DACH region. The high-performing PO3G products allow manufacturers to completely replace petroleum-based polyols in e.g. polyurethane systems.

100% Bio-based Raw Materials

Velvetol® is produced by Allessa. Allessa is a member of the Frankfurt-based WeylChem. Velvetol®is a polymer made from organic propanediol. It is based on renewable feedstocks (fermented maize). The carbon footprint of these polymers is up to 50 percent lower than that of other petrochemicals. This life cycle analysis drafted according to both ISO 14040 and 14044 standards.

Velvetol® products are widely utilized in polyurethane systems. It is used in thermoplastic polyurethanes, dispersions, adhesives and sealants. It supports applications ranging from molded components of mining and industrial goods to breathable apparel. It is suitable for coatings for the furniture and automotive industries.

The features and benefits of Velvetol® include:

  • Sustainable, 100% bio-based raw materials
  • Availability in molecular weights from 250-2700 Dalton
  • Low viscosity for ease of processing
  • Very good mechanical and dynamic properties. It includes high levels of elasticity and abrasion resistance
  • Good hydrolysis resistance
  • Exceptional flexibility at low temperatures
  • Made in Germany

Our distribution agreement with Nordmann is characterized by this shared commitment to sustainability. Both our companies are committed to working together to develop innovative solutions that contribute to a sustainable future. It can also support our customers in the manufacturing industries,” said Hendrik Fleßner. He is the Global business manager at WeylChem.

Enhancing Sustainable Production Processes

WeylChem Group of Companies (WeylChem) is a supplier of fine chemicals. And Nordmann is a chemical distributor.

We are extremely happy about the new partnership with WeylChem. We know the company is always on the lookout for more energy-efficient and sustainable production processes that use the latest technologies. It aligns well with Nordmann. Because we have also defined sustainability as an important pillar of our strategy,” said Henning Hermann. He is the European business manager Polyurethanes at Nordmann.

At Nordmann, our sustainability mission is based on achieving economic success. It is through ethical and responsible business practices. Our company is planning to implement a variety of new measures by the end of 2024. It includes a harmonized, group-wide certification system, for example,” added Hermann.

Explore VELVETOL® Range from WeylChem International

Source: Nordmann, Rassmann


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