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Nordmann Distributes HS Chem’s Rheological Additives in European Countries

Published on 2024-02-20. Edited By : SpecialChem

Nordmann HS Chem Rheological Additives European Countries Nordmann announces new partnership with Korean manufacturer, HS Chem. HS Chem is a supplier of high-performance rheological additives. Nordmann is now distributing HS Chem’s MONORAL® products in Benelux, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is to support applications in the paint and coatings industry. HS Chem has made a name for itself in the Asian market with its rheology additives.

Strengthening Market Position with Innovative Solutions

HS Chem supplies high-performance rheology additives based on polyamide waxes. It is available in liquid, paste and powder form. These additives are used in aqueous, solvent-free and solvent-based systems. It is to build structural viscosity and thixotropy. They ensure good control during application. They allow layers to be built up thickly without issue.

Polyethylene wax-based additives are also part of HS Chem’s product offering. It is available through Nordmann as both liquids and pastes. Solid particles like pigments and fillers are prevented from settling. This will improve the storage stability of end products. Some hybrid types specially designed for aqueous systems also optimize the orientation of the metallic effect pigments.

Nordmann is excited about the opportunity to pursue new projects in partnership with its successful team.

This new partnership will strengthen Nordmann’s position in the market. It will also give our customers access to innovative solutions. This will increase the performance and versatility of their products. We’re convinced that this is just the beginning of a long-term success story for both companies and for our customers as well,” said Peter Kuchenbrod. He is the business manager of Coatings & Inks at Nordmann Germany.

We’re thrilled to have Nordmann by our side as such an internationally experienced and competent partner. Our team is ecstatic about this opportunity to realize projects together with Nordmann. Both of our companies are committed to leveraging our strengths to benefit our customers,” said Tony Yang. He is the chief executive officer at HS Chem.

Source: Nordmann, Rassmann

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