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Nordmann to Distribute Cromogenia Units' Polycarbonate Diols in DACH Region

Published on 2024-03-28. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Nordmann Cromogenia Units Polycarbonate Diols DACH Region Nordmann announces a new partnership with Cromogenia Units, a Barcelona-based company. The focus of the cooperation is on sustainable raw materials in the DACH region. Cromogenia Units focuses on the development and production of a wide range of chemical specialties, especially environmentally friendly products and sustainable solutions.

Free of Heavy Metal Content

Cromogenia Units' product range includes polycarbonate diols under the trade name ROPOL. They are used for the production of prepolymers, polyurethane dispersions, thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) and elastomers (TPEs). The ROPOL grades combine hydrolytic stability, weather and wear resistance with a high degree of flexibility. The polycarbonate diols are manufactured without any heavy metal content. This creates an environmentally friendly alternative to other conventional products.

The polycarbonate diols are used in seals, hoses and coatings. They improve the adhesion and durability of polyurethane products. In adhesive formulations, they also ensure good adhesion to various substrates such as metal, wood and plastic. It contributes to the elasticity and sealing properties of polyurethane sealants.

In addition to PCDLs, Nordmann distributes polyurethane dispersions from Cromogenia Units, some of which are UV-crosslinkable. The products are in the portfolio under the brand name Cromelastic™. These are supplemented by Unicryl™ acrylate emulsions and Regel™ hydrophilic polyisocyanates.

The key advantage is that they offer customized, environmentally friendly solutions for water-based binders that meet customers' individual requirements. Cromogenia Units' products can be used to formulate water-based coatings with exceptional mechanical resistance, weathering stability, abrasion resistance and excellent adhesion to various substrates. The dispersions are characterized by low VOC values.

Applicable in Wood Coatings for Furniture

The products are used, for example, in wood coatings for furniture and parquet flooring, some of which are also UV-curing, but also in construction coatings, in particular water-repellent membranes, floor coatings, flexible roof coatings, plastic coatings and metal coatings.

"The cooperation with Cromogenia Units perfectly expands our portfolio with polycarbonate diols and PU dispersions, as the innovative products meet the highly specialized requirements of the processing industry. These solutions enable high-performance end products with a long service life and therefore make a significant contribution to sustainable production processes," said Henning Hermann, European business manager Polyurethanes at Nordmann.

"This is what our customers are looking for. Together with Cromogenia Units, we are able to offer our customers sustainable solutions, for example to switch from solvent-based to water-based systems for various substrates while increasing abrasion resistance and durability with low emissions," said Peter Kuchenbrod, business manager Coatings & Inks at Nordmann Germany.

"The partnership with Nordmann opens up many new opportunities, but above all we see the cooperation as a chance to make our polycarbonate diols and polyurethane dispersions available to an even broader market. With Nordmann as a chemical distributor, our products are definitely in the best hands," said Sergio Pascual, sales manager Coatings and Industrial Adhesives from Cromogenia Units.

Source: Nordmann, Rassmann


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