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New antifouling for vessels in a lay-up situation

Published on 2009-06-09. Author : SpecialChem

A new antifouling from Jotun, SeaQuantum Static, meets customer needs in a shipping market where a number of vessels are going into lay-up.

SeaQuantum Static achieves better antifouling protection during lay-up by a higher film erosion rate

Until the financial turmoil, newbuildings went straight into trade; today we face a situation where some newbuildings go straight into lay-up for long periods, and more and more vessels enter lay-up for shorter or longer periods directly from dry-docking.

Jotun is well known for its leading antifouling technology and is proud to have developed SeaQuantum Static which meets the needs of the shipping market by providing antifouling properties especially adapted to lay-up vessels.

SeaQuantum Static achieves better antifouling protection during lay-up by a higher film erosion rate and a tailor made biocide package. It shall be applied as a last coat on top of the antifouling system designed for trading.

SeaQuantum Static enables lay-up vessels to re-enter operation without costly and time consuming dry-dockings and is a good solution for certain particularly demanding conditions, for example high fouling-intensive and warm waters combined with idle periods.

It is also ideally suited for a vessel going into a lay-up situation for a long period and for owners who needs to prepare the vessel for rapid re-entry into the market. In addition it is applicable for vessels with a trading scheme and pattern that is on the extreme side, both on low voyage factor and on fouling intensity. SeaQuantum Static prevents transmigration of non-indigenous species in areas such as sea chests, bow and stern thrusters.

SeaQuantum Static features:

Based on state-of-the art Silyl Acrylate polymers, true hydrolysing and an optimised biocide combination, SeaQuantum Static is self smoothing and self polishing, has a low build-up of leach layer and good mechanical properties.

Source: Jotun

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