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Nanogate Expands by Acquiring GfO

Published on 2015-07-09. Author : SpecialChem

GÖTTELBORN, Germany -- Nanogate AG, one of the leading international integrated systems providers for high-performance surfaces, has acquired a 100 % stake in its subsidiary GfO AG as part of its growth strategy. In view of the good prospects and the previously strong level of growth, Nanogate exercised its existing majority option at the start of the year acquiring the almost 25 % outstanding shares. Meanwhile, the capacity expansion in the inkjet division has been concluded. Thanks to new orders – in the automotive sector for example – the second plant will shortly be running at high capacity.

Ralf Zastrau, CEO of Nanogate AG, commented: “With its many years of experience in series production, GfO is a fundamental part of the Nanogate Group. We now intend to expand the close collaboration from increasing business activities with new projects and so have acquired the outstanding shares as announced. The market for high-quality coatings is continuing to develop extremely rapidly, and we are appropriately equipped to meet the challenge. The good prospects are also confirmed by the strong demand for our inkjet technology – unique in Europe – the second plant now having doubled capacities.”

Since Nanogate’s participation, the subsidiary’s sales and operating result have increased significantly, resulting in Nanogate already extending its equity holding to 75 % plus one share. Confidentiality has been agreed on the purchase price, which also includes a small share component in addition to cash.

Production launch for second inkjet production plant

The second-generation inkjet coating facility increases not just capacity, but also significantly improves efficiency. The new inkjet machine features an innovative printing technology, improved processes and greater speed. It means, for example, that several orders can be processed simultaneously. The investment volume is in the low seven-digit euro range. The new inkjet facility allows Nanogate subsidiary GfO AG to create more jobs at the Schwäbisch Gmünd site. First and foremost, the inkjet technology enables the partial coating of small, two-dimensional plastic components to a high optical standard without a mask. The technology, which is unique in Europe, makes it possible to quickly implement the production of large numbers of components efficiently and at above-average standards of quality.

About Nanogate

Nanogate is one of the leading international integrated systems providers for high-performance surfaces. It aims high: its goal is to give its products a competitive edge and increase the value added by its company with “intelligent” surfaces. Its work is defined by high technology and quality standards, rapid execution and years of experience with mass production.

Source: Nanogate

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