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McCormick Paints Reacts to VOC Standards Effective January 1, 2005

Published on 2004-09-06. Author : SpecialChem

As you may know, new Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) standards will take effect on January 1, 2005. These new standards, as issued by the Ozone Transport Commission, will force changes to the formulations of many paint products, most notably oil-based products. Of course, formulation changes can affect the quality and performance of the paints.

Our goal with the affected McCormick paint products is to minimize the impact on you while maintaining the highest possible product quality. We are evaluating these products to determine if the performance and quality standards you have come to rely on can be met with a reformulated product. In some cases, this may not be possible and we will put our efforts toward providing alternative products that you can continue to use with confidence. McCormick Paints has already developed and released Interlok Interior/Exterior Acrylic Urethane DTM, an exciting improvement on traditional alkyd industrial/commercial coatings.

At this time, decisions have been made affecting the following McCormick Paints products, which are no longer being manufactured:

  • McCormick State House Exterior Gloss Alkyd House and Trim Paint 7 Series - We recommend McCormick State House Exterior Lustre 100% Acrylic Latex House Paint 27 Series as a replacement.
  • McCormick Stain N' Seal Exterior Alkyd Wood Stain 10 Series - We are proud to offer the industry-leading Cabot Stains program as a replacement.
  • McCormick Wood Protector 01210 Cedar/Redwood - Again, the Cabot product line offers a replacement product.
  • McCormick Interior-Exterior Architectural Gloss Enamel 16 Series - We recommend McCormick Interlok Interior/Exterior Acrylic Urethane DTM 42 Series or McCormick Cote-All Multipurpose Enamel Polyurethane Modified Alkyd 33 Series as replacements.

As part of our Commitment to Quality, McCormick Paints is constantly looking at new and better ways to meet your painting needs. Innovative products, such as Interlok, offer exceptional performance while meeting the new, stricter VOC standards. We will communicate with you as decisions are made on other existing products, and as new products are added to the McCormick line.

Source: McCormick Paints

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