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Lohmann's new coating facility CL 13 is in the starting blocks

Published on 2007-07-10. Author : SpecialChem

This special day in the history of the company Lohmann. On this day the manufacturer of double-sided adhesive tape systems inaugurated it's brand new coating facility "CL 13" at the headquarters in Neuwied/Germany. What are the outstanding features of the "CL 13"? This coating line is very flexible in its use. For example, products with small lot sizes can be manufactured.

The plant is also adaptable with regard to adhesives. This means it can handle solvent-based and dispersion adhesives. It's flexibility is as well evident in its working width of between 480 and 1350 mm. The coating head is based on so-called cassette technology so that various coating modules for the different coating requirements can be installed.

Furthermore, the CL 13 complies with high demands as regards product quality (e.g. concerning optical clear products). And this applies not only to its adhesive but also to its visual characteristics. In order to ensure clean-room production conditions, the storage and production areas were clearly separated. Altogether, with this new coating line Lohmann is more flexible concerning customer's requests and is also ready to deal with future product challenges.

Source: Lohmann

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