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Lloyd's Register Class Surveyor Confirms Intershield®, an Anticorrosive Coating in Good Condition

Published on 2010-12-03. Author : SpecialChem

The high performance and durability of International Paint's anticorrosive coating Intershield®300 has been proven at the third special survey of the panamax bulk carrier m.v. Eleranta.

The high performance and durability of International Paint's anticorrosive coating Intershield®300 has been proven at the third special survey of the panamax bulk carrier m.v. Eleranta, when a Lloyd's Register surveyor confirmed the double bottom tank coatings of the vessel to be in "good condition".

The 15-year-old bulk carrier, built at Samsung in 1995, had Intershield®300 applied to her ballast tanks when she was built. With minimal maintenance through her life to date, a Lloyd's Register class surveyor rated as "good" the condition of the double bottom tank coatings and rated as "fair" the coatings condition in the starboard topside tank. In this area, the ship's superintendent said any corrosion that was evident was largely a result of structural repairs required from stress areas, rather than breakdown of the coating.

The 73,222 dwt Eleranta, operated by V Ships (UK) Ltd, was originally protected by two coats of Intershield®300 at 125 microns dry film thickness (dft) per coat. As part of her third special survey at 15 years, a routine inspection of internal coatings was carried out. The results are believed to be the first real life evidence of anticorrosive coating performance over a 15 year period. The significance of this lies in the fact that the IMO has set out in its Performance Standard for Protective Coatings (PSPC), now a part of SOLAS, the requirement that anticorrosive coatings used in water ballast tanks should remain "in good condition" for at least 15 years.

The ship's superintendent present at the Eleranta survey said that the true nature of the coatings, underneath cleaned areas, was impressive. "The few inserts insisted upon by Lloyd's Register were as a result of stress and fatigue," he said, "and not due to any coating corrosion. My own opinion is that the main fabric of the topside tanks is still well protected."

International Paint Business Development Manager Andrew Cass, commented: "This is a very important achievement for us. Intershield® 300 is the industry benchmark in anticorrosive performance and now we have solid evidence that it remains durable and sound over a 15 year period. We believe that this is the first proof that an anticorrosive coating is sufficiently durable to meet the IMO's requirement that protective coatings should remain in good condition for at least 15 years."

Cass added: "It is all the more important because the original application on board the Eleranta involved two coats of Intershield®300 of only 125 microns each, rather than the two 160 micron dft coats specified in the IMO regulations. Also there were no sacrificial anodes in the vessel's ballast tanks either," he added. "This really is a fantastic result".

The results prove yet again that International Paint's coatings are leaders in their respective marine markets, Intershield®300 has an extremely successful 22 year pedigree during which time it has protected the fabric of almost 11,000 vessels. The abrasion resistant, aluminium pure epoxy, which contains more than 9% aluminium in the dry film, can be applied over mechanically prepared shop primer to most areas of a ship's structure and provides long term asset protection and effective control of through life maintenance costs.

A new high solids version of the coating, Intershield®300HS, with reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) content, was introduced in Europe earlier this year. The new formulation has 78% volume solids compared with 60% in the earlier version. It has the same aluminium content, is designed to be applied direct from the can without thinning and will provide the same degree of corrosion protection whilst assisting shipyards in meeting reduced VOC emission limits.

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