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Lehigh Technologies Produces Elastomeric Powder in New Georgia Plant

Published on 2005-06-01. Author : SpecialChem

NAPLES, Fla.-- Lehigh Technologies, produces finely ground rubber materials in high volumes from plentiful crumb rubber supplies and customer processing waste. Lehigh's proven milling technology has already produced millions of pounds of fine rubber powders for industry. The opening of its new facility and capacity will bring millions of pounds of fine elastomeric powders to the rubber and plastics industries, industries that have been besieged by worldwide shortages and surging prices of petroleum-based materials including synthetic rubber polymers and ingredients.

Lehigh's elastomeric rubber powders are trademarked PolyDyne(™) and PolyFlow(™) and are produced in particle sizes from 80 mesh (180 microns) to 300 mesh (48 microns), and are graded to customer specifications. When used as an alternative for virgin materials, Lehigh's fine powders offer cost reduction opportunities, disposal cost avoidance and performance enhancements to its customer's products.

Financially sound and looking to grow

With its recently secured funding, Lehigh Technologies, headquartered in Naples, Florida, is completing installation of its new flagship operation in Tucker, Georgia, near Atlanta. Once completed, this highly automated 80,000 square foot facility will operate four cryogenic processing lines that will produce approximately 85 million pounds per year of fine rubber powders. Limited production at the site will begin in September 2005.

How does Lehigh do it?

Lehigh produces its line of PolyDyne(™) and PolyFlow(™) fine and ultra-fine elastomeric powders from its proprietary process. This proprietary process was adapted from the pharmaceutical and food additives industries where consistent particle size and predictable size distribution are essential.

Lehigh uses a fully integrated process control system to ensure quality products for its customers. The particle size is closely controlled and graded to the customer's requirements. The Lehigh Process Control System eliminates material and process variability and ensures in-line product consistency from the initial order through the life of the product. Also, all systems and processes employed through Lehigh are consistent with or exceed ISO/QS 9000 and ISO/QS 14000 standards.

What does this product offer the customer?

Chairman, President and CEO Dennis Gormley said, "In the past, manufacturers could not depend upon the quality of recycled materials and those materials were not available in sufficient commercial volume. They will soon be available from Lehigh Technologies."

Explained Gormley, "For the elastomeric-based industries, the PolyDyne(™) and PolyFlow(™) powders are value-added alternatives for virgin and synthetic polymers and resins. They lead to better control of material costs. Lehigh's powders offer a unique solution to help combat the worldwide rubber materials shortage and price escalation."

Gormley says, "Lehigh is a focused, professionally managed company that is able to achieve what manufacturers in the industry today are looking for. That's the assurance manufacturers require in today's competitive marketplace--consistency, quality, volume, and savings."

Applications for PolyDyne(™) and PolyFlow(™) include tires, rubber molded goods, modifiers for rigid plastics, paints, adhesives and coatings.

Who is Lehigh Technologies, LLC?

Lehigh Technologies, LLC is a privately held company, founded in 2003 and headquartered in Naples, FL. Manufacturing facilities are located in Tucker, GA. Lehigh manufactures and distributes high-quality elastomeric powders from recycled rubber that offer cost control and reduction, and in many cases improve the performance characteristics of end products.

Senior Management

Chairman, President and CEO Dennis J. Gormley -- was formerly the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Federal Mogul Corporation, a global manufacturer of precision parts.

Founder and COO, Anthony Cialone -- Cialone is the co-developer of the patented technology and proprietary process.

Patrick R. George, CFO and Treasurer -- instrumental in building Be Free, Inc. from a startup into a publicly traded, multi-hundred million-dollar company, he formerly served as a finance professional at Compaq Computer, an investment banker for William Blair & Company and a strategic consultant for McKinsey.

James B. Gray, Vice President Sales and Marketing -- formerly Managing Director of Tenneco-Automotive Europe and President of CLEVITE Elastomers

Source: Lehigh Technologies

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