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Jotun Holland Reaches New Heights

Published on 2009-11-05. Author : SpecialChem

The largest monohull heavy lift vessel in the world will be coated with Jotun paint. The contract brings Jotun to new heights by being one of the largest projects in Jotun Holland's history.

'Oleg Strashnov' is a heavy lift vessel owned by Seaway Heavy Lifting in Holland. With lift heights of 100 meters and its 5,000 mt crane capacity, the craft is the largest monohull heavy lift vessel in the world. The ship is the largest ever built by IHC Merwede shipyard in Holland.

The contract, involving paint supply to all of the various components of the vessel, is one of Jotun Holland's largest projects so far. Gijs van Dijk, General Manager at Jotun B.V, appreciates the Jotun project team's hard work and commitment.

"I would like to thank to the entire team. Once again Jotun's team has proven that teamwork is the key to success. We will work hard to ensure best possible results further in this project", says Gijs van Dijk.

'Oleg Strashnov' will be coated with Jotun Marine Coatings. The vessel is designed for installation and removal of offshore platforms, subsea construction and special projects. The ship was successfully launched in The Netherlands August 22, 2009 and will be delivered in 2010.

Jotun has protected more than 15,000 vessels over the years. Jotun's products effectively prevent corrosion and fouling, specially designed for vessels. The products are the result of innovative research, practical knowledge and years of experience.

Source: Jotun

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