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International® Exhibited Intersleek®1100SR & Intercept®8000 LPP Anti-fouling Coatings at Marintec'13

Published on 2013-12-12. Author : SpecialChem

International® eagerly awaited the opening of this year's Marintec Exhibition, 3rd-6th December, where it delivered performance through innovation, particularly through its revolutionary fouling control coatings.

Having participated in the show over many years, International® maximized this fantastic opportunity to showcase its leading technologies to a wide range of maritime professionals. Recognizing that this is a difficult time for vessel owners, with cost control high on the agenda, the company discussed the market challenges, and the progress in technology that will help the industry face them.

The keynote for this year's event is 'Green Technology, Transformation, Breakthrough;, and International®'s latest innovations - Intersleek®1100SR and Intercept®8000 LPP - are an ideal complement to this theme. Launched in February this year, the products have taken the industry by storm with over 200 vessels already coated or contracted for application, reflecting the growing awareness of the economic importance of underwater hull condition.

Intersleek®1100SR is the industry's first fouling control coating featuring patented slime release technology. Building on the success of the Intersleek® range, it delivers outstanding macro and micro fouling control with improved static resistance, even in warm waters and is suitable for slow steaming. Slime that does build up during static periods is released by the movement of the ship through water. As a result vessels can achieve reduced drag, improved fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions.

Intercept®8000 LPP is a biocidal antifouling featuring patented Lubyon® technology. Unlike typical silyl and metal acrylate biocidal antifoulings, Intercept®8000 LPP replicates the linear polishing behavior of previous tributyltin based antifoulings to provide consistent, predictable, linear polishing performance. It enables ship owners and operators to plan and budget effectively throughout the docking cycle.

Both of these new products highlight International®'s mission to introduce differentiated, market leading technologies that drive operational, cost and environmental efficiencies for its customers. These innovations add to its broad range of fouling control solutions to address customers' priorities, whether these relate to cost control, operational efficiency or keeping ahead of legislative development.

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With a passion for performance, International Marine Coatings delivers pioneering marine coating technologies that keep the global shipping fleet protected for a lifetime at sea.

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