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Global Paints Manufacturer PPG Unveils 2006 Color Trends

Published on 2005-10-26. Author : SpecialChem

PITTSBURGH -- PPG Industries, one of the world's largest paint manufacturers, will present Detroit area designers and architects with global color and design trends across the architectural, automotive, and industrial markets during a unique visual event on November 2nd at the PPG Color Styling Studio in Troy, Michigan. Highlighting the reception will be presentations from three recognized color and design experts, various displays and a colorful wine tasting session.

Speakers will include PPG's Artistic Director for Pittsburgh Paints, Josette Buisson, who will discuss societal trends and the emerging values that influence color choices for the interiors market; Lorene Boettcher, Manager of Global Design & Color Marketing for PPG Automotive Coatings, will focus on how global color trends for consumer electronics and automobiles impact architectural color; and Christine Astorino, CEO and founder of fathom, an innovative design research firm that has formed a strategic alliance with PPG, who will present fathom's unique method that combines the science of sensory exploration with the emotional impact of color to help designers and architects understand the subconscious needs of their users.

"The unveiling of PPG's annual color trends from architectural to automotive is always a highly anticipated event," said Boettcher. "This year, we wanted to support it with an engaging, colorful presentation that celebrates authentic and meaningful design."

This one-of-a-kind event will showcase in large kiosks and display panels the global color trend research of PPG, an international manufacturer of glass, coatings and paints for the automotive, industrial, commercial and residential markets.

"There is no singular trend," said Buisson. "No longer can a single color be declared the one trend color. Instead, many influences converge to create distinct atmospheres consisting of both color and style and which appeal to different groups of people. We capture this ideal with our annual trends."

She added, "There is an organic nature to color -- the ability to move people in significant ways, to impact lives on a deeper level than simple aesthetics. Utilizing the five senses we can provide the colors that affect us universally and enrich our souls when we walk into a living or working space."

By combining sensory exploration with the emotional impact of color and the world-wide trends analyzed by PPG automotive, industrial and architectural color experts, PPG complements the design method, fathom, by applying the science of color driven by the subconscious needs of the users.

"Design plays a critical role in enriching people's everyday lives. We share a belief with PPG that design and color are able to create emotional connections," Astorino said. "This alliance is important because we can now provide an enhanced benefit with PPG's color expertise to help architects and designers create more meaningful design."

In addition to the unveiling of the 2006 color trends, color schemes for exterior commercial buildings, interiors, consumer electronics and automotive will be on display at the event at the newly-designed PPG Color Styling Studio.

The exclusive event will assist designers and architects with gathering color trend information from multiple industries and learning how it applies to their work. The visually stimulating, emotionally powerful presentations are open to all commercial, residential, industrial, and automotive architects and designers.

To complement the evening's tribute to color, the event will feature an informative wine tasting that focuses on the color of wine and how that impacts taste. The wine and hors d'oeuvres display promises to impart both a visual and culinary treat for the senses.

PPG Industries is one of the world's largest paint producers, serving the architectural, automotive, aerospace, industrial and packaging industries. In addition, PPG manufactures glass, fiber glass and chemicals. Sales in 2004 were US $9.5 billion.

Source: PPG Industries

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