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Even More Variants with Even More Service

Published on 2009-04-14. Author : SpecialChem

Glasurit has revamped COLOR-ONLINE. The biggest improvement is that, effective immediately, the Internet-based colour database is offering its users an even larger selection of colour variants. Making this possible are the service mixing formulas, which Glasurit has now integrated into the database. New search functions and criteria additionally see to it that for bodyshops, working with COLOR-ONLINE is even simpler and more convenient.

COLOR-ONLINE by Glasurit is one of the world's largest colour databases, providing spraypainters with more than 200,000 colours for all carmakers.

Despite this enormous range of colours, in the everyday life of a bodyshop, a car may have to be refinished with a colour that deviates from the standard solutions offered by the Internet. This is generally due to the increasing internationalisation of the automotive sector. Vehicles are manufactured at all kinds of different sites and are often no longer driven in the countries in which they are produced. This is one reason why the task of colour matching is becoming increasingly complex.

To help bodyshops meet this challenge, Glasurit has now published the service mixing formulas in COLOR-ONLINE. These are the mixing formulas that were developed for special colour variants based on information from the different countries.

Bodyshops can call up these service mixing formulas when searching for a colour by simply clicking the mouse on the selection "service mixing formulas". As a standard, the information also includes a link to the respective material safety data sheets.

When overhauling COLOR-ONLINE, Glasurit not only increased the number of colour variants, but also made the design more user-friendly.

  • While the older version required users to browse the alphabetical list of manufacturers to find the one they were looking for, now they only need to enter the first letters of the manufacturer's name.
  • The new colour display also offers more convenience and reliability for colour matching. The display of the colours is now arranged in even smaller increments, which helps improve recognition of the differences within a colour class.
  • The new search criterion, "gloss", allows bodyshops to narrow their individual search for this feature.
  • The option for extending the search to a relevant period of model years is also new and user-oriented.

These improvements in COLOR-ONLINE are ensuring that bodyshops can access the right colour and the respective mixing formulas even faster, simpler and more reliably.

Source: Glasurit

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