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EU Bio-Board Project to Replace Existing Plastic Coatings with Whey Protein Coatings for Packaging

Published on 2013-06-25. Author : SpecialChem

The new European Bio-Board project will build on past research that has revealed that whey protein coating can provide bio-degradable plastic layers that can replace existing plastic coatings in multilayer packaging and enhance their recyclability.

A tailored coating system based on the renewable raw material will be developed for extrusion coating paper, paperboard and cardboard to produce packaging materials. Currently, half of the 50 million tons of whey produced annually in Europe from cheese production is discarded, while about 65,000 tons of dried fruit juice protein and 140,000 tons of dried potato pulp are produced during starch production annually within the EU that could be available for utilization.

The three-year project, which is composed by 14 partners from 10 European countries, has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Program (FP7/2007-2013) managed by REA Research Executive Agency under grant agreement 315313.

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