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Empils has set up a Manufacturing Line

Published on 2010-03-31. Author : SpecialChem

The reconstructed manufacturing line was launched in Empils' Enamel Shop No. 1. As a first stage of the enterprise modernization program, 14 new closed bead mills and 3 revolving dissolving drums for alkyd paint and varnish manufacturing were installed. Innovations will allow increasing flexibility of production and labor productivity, reducing time of production of paint and varnish batch, reducing raw material and finished goods losses, and also improving working conditions and minimizing production influence on environment. Changes concerned all production stages.

New approaches to the arrangement of raw material feeding and preparation, semi-product dispersion, pre-packing and packaging of finished materials are introduced. The whole production process will be supervised with the help of modern automation systems.

The Polish company Profarb - one of the main European manufacturers of special equipment for paint and varnish manufacturing - became a partner of Empils in introduction of innovations.

The modernization program started at Empils in 2009. It will allow introducing automatic machines and increase enamel production capacity 25%, and water-dispersion paints - 50 %. Also construction of a new water-dispersion paints shop (start-up is planned for 2011) is under way. The program is expected to last three years, the planned amount of investments is 8 million euro.

Source: Empils

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