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Empils enters the market of road marking coatings

Published on 2009-04-20. Author : SpecialChem

Empils company added polyacrylic road marking enamel (STO 05744283-002-2008) to the assortment of industrial coatings.

The enamel is used for horizontal and vertical marking of roadways and streets with improved surface (asphalt, asphalt concrete, cement concrete) used in moderate climate conditions at a temperature from minus 40°C to plus 60°C. It is also used for related painting of road kerbs and road fences. The enamel contains light-reflecting glass beads for better light reflection.

The enamel dries fast (drying time is 15-30 min). It is highly filled: its density is 1.4-1.6 g/cm3 the luminance factor of the enamel is not less than 80%. Empils' new product is water- and chemical agent-resistant: resistant to the impact of 10% sodium hydroxide solution at 20°C as well as to the impact of saturated and 3% solution of sodium chloride at 0°C .

The enamel is used for both asphalt-concrete and cement concrete road surfaces. When developing the enamel formula, optimal drying time was chosen that allows application of road markings in a relatively short time but at the same time it is enough for penetration of glass beads into the required depth of the surface.

The enamel samples passed the tests in KATAPHOT laboratory of the research and development center of MADI (Moscow State Automobile and Road Technical University) where they showed good results with regard to luminance factor and wearing properties. Positive laboratory test reports were obtained.

The principal users of road marking paints and varnishes are regional and local road building offices, road transport enterprises, road repair contracting organizations and wholesale firms selling road building equipment and road construction materials.

In 2008 the sales volume of road marking materials in Russia amounted to 25-30 thousand tons. Import products share amounted to 15-20%, paint and varnish and thermoplastic ratio was 80/20.

The new Empils' product is an optimal solution for the clients, interested in cost reduction during road works performance. In conditions of the Russian ruble devaluation and increase of import materials prices Empils' products are an appropriate offer for the Russian enterprises and organizations interested in purchasing and application of quality paint for road marking.

Source: Empils Company

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