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Eliokem will present its coatings resins at Eurocoat Genoa (Italy) 6-8, November 2007

Published on 2007-09-21. Author : SpecialChem

Villejust -- Eliokem will present its full range of coatings resins, Pliotec, Plioway, Pliolite and Hydro Pliolite, already compliant with the 2010 VOC legislation. As part of the Eurocoat Congress taking place during the Exhibition, the company will give a presentation on the Decopaint Directive, Phase II and the formulation adjustments needed for solvent based masonry coatings to comply with the 2010 VOC limits. Scheduled on 7 November, the presentation will focus on three particular types of coatings where solvent based products show distinct performance advantages over water based paints.

Eliokem, a leading Specialty Chemical company

Eliokem is a specialty chemical group with headquarters in Villejust (near Paris) France. The group employs more than 460 people around the world and owns 3 production facilities located at Le Havre (France), Akron (Ohio, USA) and Ningbo (China), as well as 6 representative offices in Europe, Asia and The Americas, and a network of 75 distributors and agents strategically located around the world. The company has leading positions in a broad range of niche applications with the following trademarks and associated product lines:

  • Pliolite, Plioway, Pliotec and Hydro Pliolite® : resins used in decorative paints.

  • Pliotone : Electrographic toners.

  • Pliocord and Chemigum : latex used in the treatment of reinforcing fabrics, joints and gloves.

  • Chemigum and Sunigum : elastomeric modifiers for plastics.

  • Wingstay : non-staining antioxidants used in natural latex articles and in carpet backing.

Source: Eliokem

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