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Eliokem announces price increase for all its coatings resins effective July 1st, 2007

Published on 2007-06-12. Author : SpecialChem

VILLEJUST, France -- Eliokem announces up to 7% price increase, depending on the grade, for all its Pliolite®, Plioway®, Hydro Pliolite® and Pliotec® resins worldwide. The increase is effective as of July 1st 2007.

The price increase is required to offset the increasing investments necessary to meet regulatory and compliance environmental regulations and to cover the costs incurred from the continuing escalation in specialty monomers, energy and transportation.

Despite productivity enhancement and cost savings initiatives, this moderate price increase is necessary to ensure the long term sustainability of the business.

Eliokem, a leading Specialty Chemical company

Eliokem is a specialty chemical group with headquarters in Villejust (near Paris) France. The group employs more than 460 people around the world and owns 3 production facilities located at Le Havre (France), Akron (Ohio, USA) and Ningbo (China), as well as 6 representative offices in Europe, Asia and The Americas, and a network of 75 distributors and agents strategically located around the world. The company has leading positions in a broad range of niche applications with the following trademarks and associated product lines:

    Pliolite , Plioway , Pliotec and Hydro Pliolite®: resins used in decorative paints.
    Pliotone : Electrographic:
    Pliocord and Chemigum :
    latex used in the treatment of reinforcing fabrics, joints and gloves.
    Chemigum and Sunigum :
    elastomeric modifiers for plastics.
    Wingstay :
    non-staining antioxidants used in natural latex articles and in carpet backing.

Source: Eliokem

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