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Ecology Coatings Discussed GRAS Bio-based Materials in UV-cured Coatings at the Waterborne Symposium

Published on 2012-03-14. Author : SpecialChem

WARREN, Mi -- Ecology Coatings, Inc., one of the leaders in the discovery of ultraviolet-curable advanced coatings, announced that its Vice President of New Product Development and Chief Chemist, Sally Ramsey, recently presented at the 39th Annual Waterborne Symposium. The subject of Ms. Ramsey's presentation was the use of GRAS (generally recognized as safe) bio-based materials in UV-cured coatings.

"The Waterborne Symposium is an internationally recognized event attended by global industry leaders," said Ramsey. "I was honored to be a speaker and pleased with the opportunity to discuss the addition of a new class of materials into the UV-curable toolkit. We have opened the door to UV-curable coatings that are not only safe to use directly in contact with food for applications such as food packaging, but also can be integrated into multiple applications across the industry."

Ecology's current line of cutting edge UV-curable EcoQuik™ coatings, exhibit superior performance in high moisture environments, provide protection from thermal shock and deliver outstanding resistance to a wide variety of consumer and industrial products. The company's bio-based materials can be used as photoinitiators, co-initiators, film formers and fillers. They are derived from living organisms, not fossil fuels. The company expects accelerated patent approval on its bio-based materials this year.

According to Ecology Coatings Chief Executive Officer, Bob Crockett, the company is actively pursuing partner relationships with established companies that are in position to expedite the application development and marketing strategy for the company's bio-based materials.

About Ecology Coatings, Inc.

Ecology Coatings, Inc. is among the leaders in the development and licensing of cleantech ultraviolet (UV) curable coatings. Ecology's products allow manufacturers to enhance the durability and performance of their products, while significantly reducing energy costs and increasing manufacturing throughput. The company produces solvent-free coatings, which minimize the escape of VOC's into the atmosphere during application. Headquartered in Warren, Michigan, Ecology Coatings has a development and prototype lab in Akron, Ohio.

Source: Ecology Coatings

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